Williams FW31

Some early shots of the new Williams.


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that doesn't actually look too bad, the dark colours help mask the rear wing, not at beautiful as the mclaren, but definiately better than the ferrari or toyota in my opinion.
A very understated launch from Williams. Not sure why they do this "testing colours" thing (I think they have done this for the last 2 or 3 seasons), perhaps Sir Frank still isn't sure he will keep his sponsors or perhaps the RBS logo will be replaced with the Government Treasury crest!

Only Renault seem to have anything "innovative" so far, if you can call attaching the front wing with a Lego brick innovative. I can see Williams giving the Toyota works team a run for their money this season, clean, simple and (hopefully) effective. The Toyota appears to have had it's various component parts designed in isolation and then only fully assembled minutes prior to the press launch.
Wot's strange little intakes to side of main engine air intake for? I've checked on the front render and it shows them on there so not a trick of the light!
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