Will Hamilton beat Alonso?

Will Hamilton beat Alonso in the 2011 WDC?

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Based on the current relative performance of the McLaren and Ferrari, it's a definite possibility.

However, one (more) DNF could put paid to that.

So it's a Maybe from me :)
It's hardly a fair fight.

If Massa is ahead of a faster Alonso, Massa is to move over. If there's only one new wing, Alonso gets it.

Compare it to:

If Button is ahead of a faster Hamilton, Button will fight like a Dog to keep position. If there's only one wing, they won't bring it. It's two new wings or none. Same with RBRs.

It's like comparing a driver who's has his entire team (including teammate) bending over for him mostly...Vs...a driver who has half the team working for him (while his teammate is out to beat him and using the other half of the team to beat him as well)

So, based on that, I can't answer.

Hamilton needs a couple of wins out of three races, to be honest. Either that, or 3 podiums and a DNF from Alonso.
He might beat Button yet, while there's 26 points between them a DNF for Button and podium would put the gap at around 10 points or less. Even if Button doesn't have a DNF he could still lose out to Hamilton if they both drive like they did this weekend.
Hm...Alonso is consistently going to be 3rd-5th and always has been this season, Hamilton has the 2nd best car and should be on the podium for at least one of those 3 races.

It's a close one, but with McLaren and their upgrade from Suzuka, and with the Ferrari not getting many upgrades I will say Hamilton.

To be honest, he actually really should
16 points. Lewis has to outscore him by an average of 5 and a bit. I believe he can do that, because I believe Lewis will probably have Webber and Button between him and Alonso more often than not.
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