Why didn't McLaren run a flexy wing?


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Why didn't McLaren design and run a flexible front wing?


It's something that has been baffling for a while now...
1 - It was probably bloody expensive and long winded to develop

2 - I think they actually did, but haven't got it performing as well as the RBR wing
Perhaps they were trying to abide by the spirit, as well as the letter, of the law?
Or maybe they still haven't worked out the engineering principles behind it :dunno:
McLaren's engineers and aero department should have clocked what Red Bull were doing during winter testing and challenged the legality of the wing at the first race. Instead it appears it took them 2 thirds of the season to cotton on!

The test rig that Red Bull were using during testing should have been a dead give away to anyone at McLaren who had a mind to look consider what on earth it could be for. Then there is the onboard footage of Vettel getting pole at the first race that apparently no one at McLaren bothered to review. These seem like glaringly obvious blunders, especially when you consider the lengths McLaren have gone too to get inside information on their rivals in the past...

Playing it by the book is commendable but this is F1 and if you don't have what your rival has you might as well not bother to turn up on race day. They really should have had no alternative than to go down that development route or get its legality sorted out. Perhaps they have so many other things on their own car that have boarder line legality that they dare not make waves... :thinking:
The Red Bull front wing test rig during winter testing:



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