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Who will beat whom?

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Last year, this was an absolute slam dunk of the heaviest variety, with Robert Kubica triumphing by about a million points to six.

However, there is a new enthusiasm from VP (Vladimir Putin) for the case of his initial-alike at Black Lotus this year, and he did show flashes of on-track ability last year to go with his roubles.

Kubica hasn't done well in odd numbered years in the past, can he follow up a stunning 2010 with a decent 2011.

Or is the Electron Fence the place for you?

My attempt at devil's advocate over - Kubica.
This is the closest thing we have to a no-brainer. RK will totally dominate his teammate, probably even more comprehensively than last year.
No choice, Kubica. I hope the Renault is more competitive this season, it would be good to see RK challenging at the front.
In Petrov's defence, he did show some signs of improvement towards the end of the season, but even if he was as quick as Kubica over a season (quite a leap that would be) he still wouldn't see as many chequered flags as Robert does, hence Kubica by a distance.
It's always the 2nd season that makes or breaks a rookie driver. If he performs well this season Petrov could be around for a while but if he slips into total mediocrity then he will end up going the same way as the usual pay driver and end up at the back of the grid in one of the struggling teams.

I'm expecting Petrov to improve but he doesn't have Kubica's speed.
Since I'm not going to make the same mistake two years running, I'm not going for Petrov as my dark horse of the season. Once bitten twice shy and all that.

It's going to be Robert all the way.

One word of caution however could be the reduced involvement of Renault this season and the turmoil over the exact role and influence that Lotus will play. It's going to be interesting to see how the team will develop over the season.
I do have a feeling that Petrov will be vastly improved, however, it's difficult to see him being better than Kubica all season, so I am voting for Kubica.

Thankfully, I do not have to entertain the idea of sitting on the electric fence! :snigger:
Kubica is going to be a dark horse this year. He has had a year to settle into the team and proved his obvious talents and this year should be his best year yet.

:) :)
Kubica is going to be a dark horse this year... this year should be his best year yet.
Wasn't something like that said of him last year? And the year before...
Having said that, I am sure he will have the better of Petrov once again, with some ease.
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