2014 - The Long Quiz


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How much do you remember about 2014? Well, some questions may go back beyond 2014, but what more do you want?

1. Who was the lowest placed driver in the Championship to appear on the podium?

Kevin Magnussen, at Melbourne

2. How many times were Mercedes not the constructor to score the most points in an F1 race this year, excluding the 25-25 in Britain?

6 - Melbourne, Montreal, Hungaroring, Spa, Singapore and Abu Dhabi

3. Before Melbourne, when was the last race that Red Bull had scored no points (half point for year, half point for circuit)?

2012 Italian Grand Prix

4. Malaysia was Mercedes first one-two since Monza in 1955. Who beat Piero Taruffi home that day?

Juan Manuel Fangio

5. Nico Hulkenburg finished 5th four times this year. How many times in his career has he finished higher than 5th?

Twice - 4th at Spa in 2012 and Yeongam in 2013

6. This is the first time Sauber have finished outside the Constructors' Top 8. Who was the last driver to score 0 points for Sauber over a full season?

Pedro Diniz, back in 2000.

7. Sergio Perez scored the 11th podium for a Mexican in Formula One in Bahrain, which other driver has done so?

Pedro Rodriguez

8. Williams scored their 128th pole position. Since the last year they scored multiple poles, 2003, how many years have they scored a single pole position?

5 - 2004 (RSC, CAN), 2005 (HEI, EUR), 2010 (HUL, BRZ), 2012 (MAL, ESP), 2014 (MAS, AUT)

9. Michael Schumacher was the previous man to sit on pole in Speilberg, but which of the 2014 drivers was highest on the grid in 2003?

Kimi Raikkonen started 2nd

10. Australians have now won 38 Grands Prix in F1 after Daniel Ricciardo's 3 wins this year. Aside from Red Bull and Brabham, name the other three constructors who have seen Australian victory (for a total of two points)

Cooper and Williams are worth half a point.
Shadow are worth a full point

11. This is the rundown of the finishers on the lead lap of which Grand Prix?


The Italian Grand Prix

12. How many drivers recorded fastest laps in races this year?


13. With the exception of Hamilton and Rosberg, name the others.

For one-third of a point each:
Sebastian Vettel (ESP, USA)
Kimi Raikkonen (MCO)
Felipe Massa (CAN)
Sergio Perez (AUT)
Valteri Bottas (RUS)
Daniel Ricciardo (ABD)

14. Mercedes engines scored all of the pole positions. Who was the last constructor to do this, and when?

1969, Ford Cosworth. Half point for year and constructor.

15. Which was the last year that Mercedes engines did not score a pole position?


16. Ferrari's run of winning a race in 20 consecutive years ended this year. How many races did the constructor win in this time?

Full point for 115-120 inclusive
Half point for 110-114, 121-125
Quarter point for 105-109, 126-130
Eighth point for 100-104, 131-134

17. Jean-Eric Vergne scored half of his 14 career points paying positions in 2014. He scored 22 points in this season, how many in total?

51 points.
Full point 49-53
Half point 47-48, 54-55
Quarter point 45-46, 56-57

18. We think it is the end of the new teams awarded contracts in 2009 to race in Formula One. How many races did 1Malaysia, Manor, HRT and USF1 start for their 2 collective points?

(a) 203 (b) 223 (c) 243 (d) 263 (e) 283 (f) 303

c - 243.

19. Which driver scored a quarter of his team-mate's points, with his team-mate only picking up points in Monaco and Canada, for the second time in his career?

Pastor Maldonado - who scored 1 to Barrichello's 4 in 2011, and 2 to Grosjean's 8 in 2014

20. There are three pairs of drivers who finished on equal non-zero points in the championship. Maldonado and Bianchi are one (2pts). A point each for the other two.

Romain Grosjean and Daniil Kvyat on 8 points, Kevin Magnussen and Kimi Raikkonen on 55 points

21. Daniil Kvyat set the Russian record for best grid start in Sochi, then matched it due to the dq of the senior team in Abu Dhabi. But who holds the Russian race record, and what position is it?

Vitaly Petrov, 3rd (half point for each). Australia 2011.

Other Categories

We interrupt this quiz to give you an opportunity to earn three points on a range of other motorsport series. However, you can only play one of these series, so choose wisely. And good luck.

FE1. Which team is the only one to see 6 points finishes thus far?
Dragon Racing

FE2. Which driver is the only one to set fastest lap and score in the top 10?

Jaime Alguersuari

FE3. Who is the only driver to compete in all three races and not score a point?

Michaela Cerutti

WEC1. The Championship was won by Anthony Davidson and Sebastian Buemi. For half a point each, name the four circuits the two were victorious.

Silverstone, Spa, Fuji and Shanghai

WEC2. Which team won LMGTE Pro at Le Mans?

AF Corse (Ferrari) - either name gets you a point
Bruni, Fisichella and Vilander

I. For a point each, name the three highest finishing former winners of the Indy 500 in this year's race

Helio Castrovenes (2nd), Juan Pablo Montoya (5th), Jacques Villeneuve (14th)

MG1. Which rider won a Spanish race in MotoGP this season despite not being Marc Marquez?

Jorge Lorenzo at Aragon

MG2. Other than Dr. Rossi, who was the only non-Spaniard to start on pole?

Andrea Dovizioso at Motegi

MG3. Who was the lowest placed rider in the championship to reach the podium?

Cal Crutchlow at Aragon

Back to F1

22. Will Stevens started and finished 17th for Caterham at Abu Dhabi. Which other driver started and finished in the same postion?

Valteri Bottas, P3

23. Adrian Sutil moved to a record 128 Grands Prix without a podium. Who will be the only driver starting 2015 in the top 50 in the teams already announced?

Nico Hulkenburg - 10th with 76 starts

24. Daniel Ricciardo won his first Grand Prix at attempt 57, putting him level with Jo Siffert. But how many of 2015's announced drivers went more than 69 Grands Prix before picking up their first pole?

2 - Jenson Button (71) and Nico Rosberg (111)

25. Nico Rosberg moved up to 8th in 2006 due to Michael Schumacher's Monaco track-block. What did his team-mate do on that day that Lewis Hamilton repeated in 2014?

Mark Webber started 2nd as Hamilton did in 2014.

26. Which driver, other than Lewis Hamilton, failed to set a time in Austria Q3?

Nico Hulkenburg

27. At which race did we see the youngest podium of 2014 by average age?

Daniel Ricciardo, Nico Rosberg, Valteri Bottas - av. age - 26y 5m 5d - Spa

28. ... and at which race did we see the oldest podium of 2014 by average age?

Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, Felipe Massa - av. age - 30y 10m 30d - Interlagos

29. For half a point each, name all of the four reserve drivers to drive on Friday at Silverstone.

Daniel Juncadella, Giedo Van Der Garde, Susie Wolff, Robin Frijns

30. Seb Vettel says goodbye after 77 races with car number 1. Who was the last driver to jump from 1 to 5?

Fernando Alonso in 2008.

31. Daniel Ricciardo carried car number 3 to 3 wins for the 3rd time in 4 years. Which number 3 user didn't win 3 times in the last 4 years?

Fernando Alonso won only 2 in 2013!

32. Car number 6 has won the title 3 times since 1974, but who was the only non-Finn?

Nelson Piquet in 1987

33. Which race, which is consistently on the calendar, has the longest run of not producing a World Champion?

Hungary, which has not seen a victory for the eventual World Champion since 2004.

34. How many drivers gained more than 15 places from lights to flag in one Grand Prix this year?

2 - Hamilton in Germany and Hungary, and Ricciardo in Abu Dhabi

35. Winning 4 races in a row once again became the domain of the champion. Who is the only driver never to become a World Champion to win 3 on the bounce?

Stirling Moss in Pescara and Monza in 1957, then in Buenos Aires in 1958

36. Who was the last 29 year-old to win the Formula One World Championship?

Jenson Button, in 2009

37. Lewis Hamilton moves up to equal fourth on the all time list for winning in consecutive years, with 8. Who is he level with (he's behind Senna, Prost and Schumacher)?

Nelson Piquet 1980-87

38. Max Chilton's run of 25 race finishes in a row ended in Canada. Name the only 4 drivers, for half a point each, to have a longer run.

Nico Rosberg (27, Canada 2008-Japan 2009), Fernando Alonso (29, China 2013-Belgium 2014), Kimi Raikkonen (30, Australia 2012-Hungary 2013) and Nick Heidfeld (33, China 2007-Italy 2009)

Thank you all for playing. Have a happy new year!
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