Formula E Long Beach ePrix Race Discussion

What the hell happened to Prost. That was one of the worst race performances ever. 2nd to 14th after winning at Miami. :facepalm:
Yeah he was shocking and going backwards even before the penalty.

I may not like they guy but that was a masterclass from Piquet. With EDams constantly messing up and Sam Bird in self-destruct I think its between Piquet and Di Grassi for the championship.

Good race. Some top moves - especially from Felix Da Costa.
Some of the driving was at karting levels (yes you Charles Pic!!) and Piquet just ran away with it.

I still don't like the coverage, especially the commentary team yelling "whoaaaaa" at even the slightest incident.

The cars did look a lot quicker since the last time I tuned in.
I like the fact the commentary team are enthusiastic - it harkens back to the days of Murray Walker for F1, but these guys in fact do know what they're talking about ;) And can I just say, like the commentary team, I get so much of a kick about hearing about battles between Prost and Senna. It adds this wonderful feeling of nostalgia to Formula E.

I really enjoyed seeing the Formula E race on such a great and historic street circuit, and loved the mention that there's drifting there next week when some of the cars got a little too loose out of the hairpin. I like that pit lane layout for Formula E, much nicer than nosing into the garage to change cars, it lets the fans see it all.

I don't know what Pic was thinking. Poor Trulli, that came out of nowhere. You can bet he had some rather choice words with Pic about that. Poor Scott Speed looked absolutely gutted after he crashed too.
Was Heidfeld racing? Didn't notice him at all.

Why is there even a button to switch above 150kw if they can't use more?
Why didn't Prost get a penalty or an order to give the place back to d'Ambrosio after smashing in the back of him?
Ow, didn't see the last laps yet, since I pushed the pause button and when i wanted to resume I came to the conclusion it only stopped the stream. So I only saw the last two laps, which also have been tempered by buffering.
Why is there even a button to switch above 150kw if they can't use more?

From my limited understanding of it there isn't. The driver can control how much power they are using in car but its set up like gear ratios for the output. So if the teams have got their power output set up wrong in the car it could mean that if drivers are using the full power too long they are spiking over the limit. The teams can monitor and change it (we can even see it on the graphic too) and they have to do it a certain amount of times before a penalty so its a team error for not sorting it.

rufus_mcdufus I have to agree with you on Abt. If he'd let Di Grassi through when it became obvious he was going to struggle I think he'd have got JEV. I think Danny Abt has a point to prove though so wanted to fight.
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A bit of a botched start, but a nice little race. Some of those kids were very racy, loved the battle between red and yellow, that lasted for the whole race. I love watching these Formula E Student races :)
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