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Who will beat whom?

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With HRT taking Indian sponsors and drivers, the Silverstone based Force India team has a far more Northern European feel than a South Asian one with its driver lineup.

The team was Dutch when Adrian Sutil took his seat, and he's been there now for 4 seasons. His progression as a driver has been undoubted, he's good in the wet (not in Korea!) but has he reigned in the dodgems.

Vitantonio Liuzzi and Nico Hulkenburg, however, move to court and testing (respectively) and Paul di Resta moves into a fine Scottish F1 tradition exemplified by Jim Clark and Jackie Stewart, and trying to forget David Coulthard. (Just kidding DC!) He's never driven in GP2, and is the current DTM champion, a Mercedes prodigy (watch it Michael) and finished 4 points clear of fellow Mercedes Brit Gary Paffett. The aforementioned Coulthard scored a point!

So is it to be the rookie from Scotland or the German team man. Or is it time to sit on the Dark Side of the Fence?

di Resta has talent, Sutil has experience, fence for me!
Sutil for me, more of the complete driver at the moment, has the race experience at this level, but it'll be close i think
I'm going for the Scot on this one. He seemed quick in tests last year, faster in race trim than his team mate (going on Friday times, but who knows what these mean really)..
I am going for Sutil. A rookie with little to no exposure to the F1 circuits is at a marked disadvantage. I actually hope that I am wrong, because Sutil has seemed a classic underacheiver to me. But I think his experience will allow him to eke out a victory over his rookie teammate.
Hmm, tough call but I'm going to pick Sutil (but only just) on experience. Could be the close though so the fence option is very tempting.
Give me the Scot for the win! For absolutely no reason whatsoever apart from the fact that I'm extremely pleased he got the drive over Liuzzi.
Sutil will easily trumping, to be honest I think Hulkenberg would score more points than di resta. Four extra years and a lot of talent (ignore korea) will be an easy victory for Adrian. I dont expect di Resta to stay in F1 for too long, but I will be pleased if he proves me wrong.
teabagyokel said:
The team was Dutch when Adrian Sutil took his seat.../snip

As Sutil has been a bit ordinary in his F1 career so far and di Resta is a rookie, I think this dual will "go Dutch" and share the cost spoils. Therefore, I'm going to risk "the Dark Side of the Fence"!*

Just to confirm, I've voted for the fence.

*I'm confident that I'm strong enough to resist the dark side though, despite what the short dude says...
Great seeing a Scot back in F1! However, I'm going to go with my head rather than heart on this one and back Sutil. With no in-season testing I can't see di Resta getting too close to the German - sad times when rookies can't hone their skills :(
It's not going to be easy for Paul, but I've never rated Sutil at all, so I'll go for the young Scot by a nose.
dunno what differnce it makes considering that apperntly the polls have scewed but, Sutil, based on the extra experience. Sutil i think will be a little faster by a heir but also will crash more and be less consistant i think.
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