Poll Who do you think will win the championship?

Who do you think will win the championship?

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When one of the two has to dig deeper Hamilton will find what he needs. Won't be easy though but Hamilton is less likely to be affected by the pressure as the season closes.
Poor Nico nobody believes in him. I'm tempted to give him a sympathy vote but I just don't like him enough.
Bottom line is it could go either way. They have both had terrible races. And runs of good and bad races.

We will just have to wait and see. I have no idea.
Post Malaysia I've plumped for Rosberg. Although he has been very fortunate that Hamilton's engines seem to have been made by Krupp rather than Mercedes!
Heart says Hamilton....

Head says Rosebush.....

So I voted for Britney, unless all of his engines go pop too.
It is still too close to call. If they finish Hamilton first Rosberg second for the remaining five races then it's Hamilton. If Rosberg has four seconds and a win he gets the cigar.
Just did some number crunching of the 2014 season, as much to satisfy my own curiosity, and I could well be totally wrong but it seems like Rosbergs failures happened at points where his engine could be changed without penalty. Someone with access to the DB could do this properly and confirm though. Hamilton had 3 retirements to Rosbergs 2 that season, and seems to have had to two grid drops to go with that as well.

So it would appear that he's always had the lions share of the issues, although I do seem to recall Rosberg having a few last season. Maybe he's just harder on his kit, and as the gap between Merc and the rest of the field has narrowed (at least in the races) it's got harder to carve back through to minimise any losses after the engines go pop.
hmm... I'm not sure statistics say all that much when you take past seasons as a whole without taking individual races into account and whatever problem happened during GP week-ends. If you' re referending 2014 for example, Rosberg's goose was effectively cooked at the last race before it even got started. He did complete the race so it wasn' t a retirement but from the moment his problem declared itself just before the race we knew it was over for him.
In which case that season was pretty much balanced out in terms of car issues, at 3-3, whereas this season seems to be falling more to Hamilton having things break, this kind of thing is probably best filed under 'shit happens', although for some reason it just feels like Rosberg will be a more fortunate* champion, if he wins it.

*not undeserving, every champion deserves it. Just fortunate, and they all are, to a greater or lesser extent, just look at Hamiltons first WDC...
I couldn't give a toss which one wins it- Nico would deserve it for his consistency all year, Lewis would deserve it if he was able to claw back a deficit twice in a season. I don't particularly like either driver, so it makes no odds to me. I'm looking forward to seeing Stoffel, Max & Ricciardo going at it in the years to come anyway!
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