Who am I - XI


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Ok who am I fan's it's off we go with quiz number 11.

Clue 1)

Who am I - I began racing home made Karts in 1980 however I was over 19 before I finally won my first Karting title in 1985?
Clue 2)

I lost the 1987 European 100cc Kart title to Michael Schumacher in the last race of the series after I was ran off the road by the guy in second place (who was also in the hunt for the title) and then kicked and beaten by that guys father as I tried to restart!!! I protested but was asked to drop my protest because it would create too much fuss!!
Sorry AMR. No cookie.

Clue 3)

When I made my F1 debut I was the fith driver to sit behind the wheel of that car during the season.
That's another no for those guesses guys.

Ok, on with the Clues.

4) Mario Andretti once said of me "You want to talk about champions, :censored: Is a real champion"
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