Poll Which Team Mate Has 'Played Dirty' with Lewis Hamilton The Most?

Which team mate has 'played dirty' with Lewis Hamilton the most?

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No passing through my dirty air please
With the exception of poor old Heiki Kovalinen it appears that every team mate Lewis Hamilton has had has had the accusation of 'dirty play' levelled against him but which is now considered to be the 'dirtiest'?

It all started with Fernando Alonso and the whole 2007 furor that included Alonso delib sitting in the pit lane longer to stop Hamilton getting a qualifying lap in.

With a brief break, when he had a lovely time with Kovalinen, Lewis was once again being foxed by a team mate when Jenson Button coming along and being accused of being given preference by Mclaren. They even came together at Canada in 2011. Lewis retired and Button went on to win.

Now we come to his current fight with Rosberg. When they were first team mates the common opinion was that these two were friends and they were loved by both. Now, with a title to fight, they are no longer 'mates' and Nico is being booed on the podium.

So who is the biggest panto villian? Cast your vote now.
Fair enough. If its not for you.

I don't understand the anger on this one. The majority of people have passed judgement on this question regarding the individuals many many times.

It seems odd that people are getting a bee in their bonnet about it now just because I've put it on as a poll.

If Mods think its out of order then feel free to delete the thread. I don't want to upset anyone.
I don't understand your anger KekeTheKing. The op states all three have been accused of dirty play and they have. I've been on here years and heard them all accused of it. Some I agree with. Sone I don't.

Right now I'm intersted to see if people think Rosberg has over stepped the mark of the previous two and what the general opinion is.

When Hamilton and Rosberg were first paired as team mates it was said that they were friends and would work well together. Even last year it was said. In six months we've gone from that to boo's on the podium.

Maybe I should have added a better wordered 5th option of "all is fair in F1"
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if you look back

Alonso was assured by Ron he will be No 1 at Mclaren but did not expect Hamilton to be fast and consistent and first signs came at Spain when Alonso made an ill advised move to win at the first corner and ruined his race

Then there was Monaco where Hamilton was suggested to back off his pursuit

Followed by Canada and USA where Alonso could see signs that Hamilton was a real threat and that included his weaving down the straight to the team to order Lewis to move

Things really blew up in Hungary when Hamilton did not let him through for one of his fuel burn lap which lead to Alonso doing the block costing him a win and the start of Mclaren's season imploding.

From then on Alonso did not share data with Hamilton and it became a stressful situation to manage

So Alonso did play dirty because he could not cope with the competitiveness of Hamilton but it has to be said Lewis was wrong in Hungary for what he did in quali

Button came along who asked the team whether Mclaren was Lewis' team to ensure he would get equal opportunities. The first real flashpoint was Turkey 2010 when Button passed Hamilton due to apparent orders for him to turn down the engine and then Button got close and a had a go which was then cooled off soon afterwards when Hamilton sped up again.

Apart from that there was not another race that year where they were racing head to head


2011 It looked like Lewis was going to get the upper hand and Jenson was not happy about the move in China. Whilst Lewis seems to be having all sorts of problems on track and off track Jenson began to assert himself in the team and the clash between them at Canada was a turning point so it seems. Jenson proved he was no pushover and defended knowing that Lewis was behind him when they crashed


2012 with Mclaren not making the most of the car they have.. the only big incident was when Lewis posted the telemetry on twitter which did not go down well with Jenson and they did not really talk to each other for a while


Nico - knowing he lost to Lewis when he was younger and rejected Mclaren to replace Alonso on the advice of Keke because of Lewis - more incentive for him to prove he is a world class driver

This season - he was not too happy about the move in Bahrain when Lewis slammed the door in his face. there was also suggestions Lewis used a different engine mapping for more power to defend and Nico did the same in Spain to chase Lewis

Monaco - Reverse gate which cost Hamilton pole will be a big talking point
Canada - the lap where he cut the last corner to retain the lead was his fastest lap and he never actually surrendered the gap. the wheel to wheel where Lewis brakes failed appearing to clip Nico was purely accidental

Hungary - Lewis not moving over - a bad call by the team given their circumstances in the driver's championship
Spa - I think Nico panicked and wanted to prove a point he can be as tough wheel to wheel and screwed up


Have to say Nico is beginning to remind me of Pironi with some of dirty moves he's pulling off
Oh. I see. Thats the issue.

I thought you had a problem with the other drivers being accused of being dirty.

Could the mods please remove the word Martyr out of the voting options for me? I won't let me do it.

I didn't mean to upset you KekeTheKing
Maybe the word martyr should be replaced with victim.

No other driver has had so many occasions where they have been a victim in F1. Some of this may be 'dirty tricks', but some is inevitably just hot air!

Think back to 2011; Hamilton was penalised many times, but it was never his fault!
But the option intimates that above all, Hamilton enjoys suffering misfortune in some vane effort to secure the sympathy of others. I find the option completely ludicrous in every wording possible.

And everyone knows Alonso was by far the dirtiest anyway....
I interpreted the 4th option as meaning (some of) Lewis' fans love to make him a martyr, so that's why I voted the way I did.
KekeTheKing yeah, and Hamilton was a saint.
Let's face it, topathletes are always ruthles egotistical bastards who don't take others into account. Otherwise they wouldn't be at the top.
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