Which F1 Season would make the best movie?


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Ever since the release of Rush (which is great by the way) we've had a little bit of a debate as to which other F1 seasons would make a great movie so thought I'd start a topic on it.

A few people have said 2007 but personally I'd go for 1994.

It would all start with Schumacher, Brawn and Flav with their 'questionable' methods in their attempts to get in front of the Williams super team, go through the tragic death of Senna, the rise of Damon Hill as a team leader, the fatefull overtake on the warm up lap at Silverstone, the 2 race ban and then eventually end with uncrackable Schumacher cracking and then stopping Hill the only way he could.

With Berger's grief, Mansell's failed 'hereos' return, Coulthards thrust into the spotlight and the curse of Schumie's teammate as possible side stories thrown in, not to mention all the politics that year I think it would be good to watch.

Any thoughts or ideas of which seasons you'd like to see?
For the sheer interest and excitement of creating the F1 mold I'd go for 1950.

In respect for the mean old bugger long overdue for retirement I'd go for a story of Bernie from 1971 to 1980 - I also think that would make a great film
1994 doesn't have Hollywood's happy ending, does it?

The story of 2007 would be good in a sort of Downfall way, maybe they should just follow Dennis around in Budapest.
I'd say 1989 Ayrton Senna vs Prost definitely from Prost's view how he felt double crossed by Senna's agreement on the restart and being pushed to the edge

1982 I'm afraid was too tragic if you want to do a Ferrari documentary

1984 - would be a good sequel to Rush because it continues Lauda's story and this time coming back and having one last battle against Prost who was too good for him in all fairness and he had to use guile and wit to win
I've been watching since 1998.

Since I've been watching - 2007!!

The racing, the politics, the story, the best looking cars, the unexpected ending - everything!

Brazil 2008 as a stand alone championship decider is the most holywood ever though surely?
jez101 - You could do many things with that one. Start off with young Damon watching his dad (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) pick up Lotus in the aftermath of Hockenheim. Then cut to him hearing of GH's death at home in 1975. That's Act One, right there.

Next thing, adult Damon (look, I have no idea on the casting) is in a shitty Brabham finishing last at Budapest. "Sorry, Damon, we're not going to Spa. We're bankrupt."

He gets a drive from Williams and watches Prost take the glory, and hears Senna is about to sign for his team. Cut to Imola. Someone (let's say Jackie Stewart - because why not?) mentions how he remembers a driver who lost a team-mate and picked his team up to win the Championship. Rocky-style montage.

Fights off the villainous Schumacher, but he cheats and beats him. "For you, Damon, ze championsheep is over", says Michael. At this point he is firmly established as the villain. Quickly wash over 1995 with screeches of "Schumacher wiiiiiins" from BBC coverage at the time and a montage of some variety.

Everything is going well. His team-mate (Jacques Villeneuve, played by some odious tit) is his only threat. Finally he can defeat the villianous Schumacher. Then his results break down and the odious Villeneuve starts pulling back his advantage. Frank Williams (played by Patrick Stewart) sacks him for no apparent reason. So its down to Japan. Hill finally does it.

And the film has to stop now, because Murray's got a lump in his throat etcs.
:p how can you not do a film about Brawn GP 2009 - Like Button said you could probably do a movie about the team from its BAR days to Honda and getting ready for 2009 before the bombshell

Off course Button and Brawn would probably get a starring role but it is what David Ward was talking about privateer teams beating the big boys in his interview the other day
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teabagyokel A life and career of Damon Hill would also be very good (these films should all get made, seriously there could be a real market here) but surely you would also want to add his 2nd for Arrows and win for Jordan into the film?
:p how can you not do a film about Brawn GP 2009 - Like Button said you could probably do a movie about the team from its BAR days to Honda and getting ready for 2009 before the bombshell

Off course Button and Brawn would probably get a starring role but it is what David Ward was talking about privateer teams beating the big boys in his interview the other day
Here is a mini version

Part 1


part 2

Lewis Hamilton on becoming youngest world champion back then would be good because of his background and the drama that lead to it

I remember I saw a TV documentary about him doing tests for Mclaren and crashing it in testing up to when he was announced as the second driver for 2007 but that was it

They could make a movie right of it because it was like Button was supposed to be finished

Apparently he got off the plane when his manager told him he had no drive in F1 and dropped his phone at the terminal and people were saying he looked startled

Then it was Brawn was only going to be at one race at a time then it appeared they could do a whole season
downforce I should add I'm sure they don;t need to include any bed scenes between Jenson and Jessica to make it good viewing because apparently JB did say it got a bit steamy with Jess after one of his wins
How about 1999? The determined Mika Hakkenien who fought back from near death to become world champion is all set for his hardest challenge against crafty German Michael Schumacher but ends up facing rouge cheeky Irishmen Eddie Irvine.

Irvine starts off being told he is clear number 2 at Ferrari but after his teammate crashes out in a move to overtake him and breaks his leg he is suddenly the teams only hope and takes on a Mika who is begining to crack.

Hakkenien is face with an increasing wave of form from the outspoken Irishmen and faced with errors of his own making as well as being taken out by his team mate. After a low of crying in the bushes he picks himself back up to finallybget his victory and defend his title. Irvine love him or hate him shrugs his shoulders and walks off with super models.
1958. Moss having four wins, one second and five mechanical failures against Hawthorn's reliability. Great ending with Hawthorn losing due to disqualification and Moss standing up for what he believed in knowing that it would cost him the WDC.

You could even throw in the female element, they were both popular with the girls.

Moss's girl friend: "But Stirling, if you get Mike re-instated it will cost you the greatest prize in motor racing".
Moss: "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do".

It could become a classic line.:)
2007 for me- the rookie driver with a point to prove against the man who is on top of the world with two back tl back titles, both embarking on a new chapter in their life. The mind games, the politics, the title going down to the wire, the amazingly fast and good looking cars. Then do 2008 as the sequel
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