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yeah Ive always kept across cricket but never had chance to watch, I was double screening yesterday Wimbledon on tv & cricket on phone, I was saying to someone yesterday nevermind VR 3D 4K or Ultra HD. we need split screen tv 1st :D

but it was so topsy turvy, i thought england had it easy at 49 with 35 with stokes & buttler. you couldn't ask for 2 better batsman in that situation. then we only get a 17 off 18 lose 2 wickets. I thought we had blew it needing 32 of 16, but that 6 that thought wouldve been caught, but wasn't given was huge turn around. 16 of 6 with 4 left not 22 of 6 with 3 left, new Zealand can consider themselfves very unlucky because I thought the tiebreakers would've been wickets 1st

& I know I bang on about it, but the reaction to England world cup final compared to the last 2 ashes wins that were tumbleweed. is why I say terriestial tv is vital in sport because for all the millions in the all in the world you cant get the publicity they have just got. & F1 has to get back on channel 4 quickly even if it means going back to 90's just having race live. because nothing else has the power to unite the nation like sport can. its why we talk football world cup last yr, 2003 rugby world cup, the numerous Olympics in 2012 country was so happy, in unprecendent scenes strangers actually talked to each other on public transport, Nadal v Federer in 2008 & Friday, Tim Henman disappointments, Andy Murray disappointments & successes, we talk about Mansell Hill Hamilton (2008) Button 2012 Canadian GP. Darren Clarke winning the open because they free to everyone. people wouldn't normally watch it get gripped, & children get inspired they become fans or want to follow in 1 of the hundreds of footsteps of people above, taking that from majority of country is takes something from this country
& ive just realised, got a bit too passionate this probally could've gone on rant thread as well :oops:LOL
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Putting sport behind a pay per view curtain doesn't work and we all know it. Now I woulnd't go looking to watch cricket, let alone pay for it, but we were channel hopping and came across it. In our house there's my mother is in her 80s and hates sport as a general rule, me, who only really likes F1 and my daughter who has zero interest in sport.

There was something about that cricket though, we were all sat there agog. I had to explain what was going on to my daughter, she had no clue, I only knew because my Dad was a huge fan when he was alive, he used to enjoy nothing more than going to county games and talking to the players etc. He loved it and as I grew up he watched it all the time so I picked up what the main rules were. Anyway, there sat the three of us last night, none of us could believe we were watching cricket, but we got totally caught up in it and it was amazing.

That sort of thing should be available to all, you're right F1Brits_90 it does bring people and even nations together. If it can hook people like us and get us involved that says it all. Behind a pay wall we'd never have had a chance to see it and feel part of it.

Oh and even if New Zealand had won (which we didn't want, obviously) we'd have been disappointed but okay with it as we have family out there ;) I doubt anyone would know who I'm talking about but the rugby All Black Bruce McLeod (he played in the 1970s) was my second cousin. His grandad and my grandad were brothers.
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