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It's a massive topic and I understand the point you are trying to make FB but I tend to agree with RasputinLives on this. Every generation says the following one knows nothing.

I fully agree that history has masses to teach us and lessons we well need to relearn and remember however, it's how it's done.

This quote from Benjamin Franklin massively applies:

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.

The problem these days is that we think we need to tell people. "you must not say that" "you must not do this" and so on.

Good stories should involve the viewer, engage them, draw them in. Let them find the parallels for themselves. That's what makes good story telling and helps people to understand.

The War of the Worlds in its original form has more than enough allegories on the futility of military strength and placing faith in religion. It doesn't need spelling out.


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I don't believe young people know nothing, rather the way they are educated nowadays means that they have a very narrow knowledge and because of this don't look beyond the narrow horizons presented to them. They are, unfortunately, educated to pass exams (as this is what results in the educational establishments getting better funding) and never really break out of this. This is then compounded by the huge numbers who now go on to further and higher education which narrows their perspective and world view even more as they study fewer and fewer subjects.

Are we going off topic? Back to the question posed at the very start of this thread "What's on TV?" to which I reply "**** all most nights".


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When I'm sober I will reply properly; because it's a subject that I care a lot about.

In the meantime I have thoroughly enjoyed Giri Hiji :)


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I also thought the last episode of War of the Worlds was dreadful, it just sort of stuttered to an end, and my overwhelming feeling was I’m glad that’s over.


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Started watching the Witcher a few weeks ago and gave up on it as it wasn't great.

A friend told me to stick with it as it improves after the 4th/5th episode.

It was okay but one massive issue was the four separate timelines which were about 50 years apart - with absolutely no clue from the director that was the case.
The episodes aren't in chronological order and there is some overlapping in episodes.
I looked it up online after the characters started saying things which made no sense and only then did I discover why I had a hard time working out what was going on.

If anyone has seen it - here are the episodes as they fit into the timeline.

Also this: Confused About ‘The Witcher’? This Timeline Guide Will Help
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