Grand Prix Vietnam stopped before it started

The days of WDC covering 8 or 9 races produced the best racing, however the length of the season had nothing to do with it, the problem came with aero and the cost of producing a car that went fast with aero, cornering speeds have increased but outright speed has hardly increased for 10 years. With aero the faster you go the faster you can corner due to down force, get in the wake of the proceeding car and you can't corner as fast and the car just let's go thus needing large run off areas to enable the car to regain the circuit. The car needs to regain the circuit to enable the circus to progress, there's no money in a 2 car race, the spectacle is the name of the game to make money, however to keep the cars on the track the racing has been sanitised to the point that the pole sitter will always win providing he keeps it on the island and is sensible with tyre wear.
We ended up in this position because Bernie said to the entrants we need more money to produce a spectacle similar to the American oval racing, the problem is that F1 races over distance round lots of corners at varying speeds, not flat out at high speed with about 40 cars spinning all over the place in full view of all the spectators, so to make money more races were required, more races meant worldwide venues and money was needed to transport the cars, to do this needs a well organised logistical support, this lead to an organising body to orchestrate the events and paying the entrants instead of the venue paying the entrants starting money based on the driver and car, Enzo did well out of this system and explains Ferrari's position today.
Now the commercial rights holder calls the tune, tells the " ruling" body what the rules are what engines to use and we've ended up with a very expensive car that can on it's own go round corners very fast can't overtake without limited fudged to the aero in selected places infront of the main grandstand.
Basically the racing has been sacrificed to the spectacle which doesn't exist due the fact the commercial rights holder calls the tune and won't sit down and sort the problem for fear of losing money, take all the aero away and let's see who can drive and who can make a car with good mechanical grip with a choice of tyre manufacturers to suit their car, or if the cars can run upside down with their huge downforce then run them upside down at least it will be a novel spectacle 😅
A congested calendar will only work if the logistics are there to achieve it ie hold races by neighbouring countries or double headers
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