Grand Prix Vietnam stopped before it started

Oman under Sultan Qaboos

Apart from the regular use of torture, the banning of homosexuality, the fact that women and children face legal discrimination in many areas. Women are excluded from certain state benefits, such as housing loans, and are refused equal rights under the personal status law. Women also experience restrictions on their self-determination in respect to health and reproductive rights.

Just as a few examples.

Yeah, seems wonderful.
Don't forget that regardless of how well women may be treated in a muslim country, under sharia law, in court, a woman's word is only worth half of that of a man.

In other words, it takes 2 women to challenge a man in court.
I've always believed in universal suffrage, you cannot have a democracy without it FB, however if one wants a true democracy then the referendum should be used to decide important issues with the caveat that 50% of the franchised electorate must be achieved to change the status quo, if one wishes to change the status then one must gather the required support, it can be argued that if in the case of a referendum that those that don't vote don't care, in some cases that can be true but also they may not be sure, the Brexit referendum proved that so much false information confuses many, one wonders whether Trump got his ideas from that referendum, no wonder he considered in Boris a sympathetic supporter.
Those who take part in elections is a falling percentage and democracy begins to cease as a viable option and a minority begins as in the UK to rule, the Labour party was a good example, the left couldn't even admit they were wrong, again a bit like the Trumpets. Politicians no longer work for the population, they work for themselves and also their pet cause, not their constituents opinions and they are paid well for doing it, politicians now tend to leave university with a political bias and join their preferred party rising through it via trade unions nor as interns ( MP's personal staff) or in the case ,of other parties a nice city or military post,( though the military ones do tend to have a greater appreciation of life) until they are offered a nice seat without any experience of life
Both Hitler and Trump were inspirational leaders to millions but like all inspirational leaders they have flaws some more fatal than others
Hitler inspired the murder of millions. That is not a simple flaw.

Mass murder is not a flaw its murder.

I think this conversation has run its course.
Hitler didn't inspire mass murder he authorised it and encouraged it, the flaw is the make up that caused him to do that, it also included suicide, it's still a flaw as I posted some are and were more fatal. One could argue it's a form of mental instability but that's a good get out of jail argument which I disagree with.
Vietnam historically has never been a democracy it was a colony, conquered nation and then a rebellious colony that succumbed to being almost a Chinese colony that has emerged as a typical far east state overrun with corruption and poverty under the title of a Socialist Republic, at least they don't call themselves a Democratic Republic like a few others.
One could argue that ostracising these countries doesn't actually help the non governing population and can actually cause more harm, most countries that have overthrown oppressive regimes by rebellion normally end up with an even more oppressive regime and the inheritor of the regime is normally far from the fight in a safe haven encouraging the soon to be more oppressed.
Well. This got awkward quickly.

At least it means no one has noticed I've not done the PQR thread yet

i mentioned it once but I think i got away with it

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people will be doing dissertations on this for years to come. in 10,000 words discuss how a conversation went from discussing the 2021 calendar to the rise of Hitler

sooooooooo, F1 racing on Halloween how about that. i wonder if thats ever happened before :whistle:
F1Brits_90 actually if you believe in Godwin's law then it was inevitable that everything on internet forums ends up with Hitler.

As an individual who has a history degree and specialised in 20th Century history I could get involved in a discussion but frankly it's all very boring and everyone in these types of discussion already has their view point set in stone and aren't listening anyways. So I'm just going to go outside and shout expletives at the god dam slugs invading my lean to.

Grand Prix discussion thread is up by the way.
Andyoak i was going to say Grosjean. as he's made a few enemies on track over the years. but hes leaving

Johnny Carwash i feel that 6 races in 7 week period might be too much for even for fans. this is not like football for most of us its 3 day event 7 hrs of coverage a weekend & i can already feel between Monza & Sochi i might be relieved its not on.

for me 1 day 4 test, 19 races is the limit, start the season on 8th March end on final sunday of November. have a race every fortnight bar may with 3 week gap 3rd & 24th. month gap in August & back to back races to finish the season
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