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If Bottas's engine had not failed in Spain, he would be equal on points with Hamilton.
A rather interesting piece of information. After all, nearly everyone believed he was he'd be even worse than Rosberg who still managed to beat Hamilton.
Also funny to say Rosberg was crap, where does that put Hamilton? LOL


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He'd win the title in an Irvine situation and he won't consistently challenge Hamilton.

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just talked about this on musical chairs amongst others

its deserved but after quite a good 1st half of season. i dont know if Lewis upped his game with vettel huge competition. he has now been beaten comfortably by hamilton in last few races austria was the last time he had beating of him. so would have to be at least serious title challenger to keep it for 2019 otherwise hes in Kimi territory


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Merc are focusing on Hamilton and told Bottas to play number 2 which he is doing. If we were in a one team championship like last year I think he'd be pushing Lewis far more than he is.


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Done enough to convince he is an ideal foil for Hamilton and actually good to do it because no doubt the team expects him to play No 2 to Hamilton and judging by his race pace he is going to be more of a roadblock for Vettel than Kimi is for Hamilton


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Poor, poorer, Bottas? Two drivers in the same car and he's miles away from his teammate. Please replace this driver.
If Mercedes build a car like they did in the past few season there'll be no competition. It's like watching Mark Webber vs. Sebastian Vettel, slightly worse, because Bottas is fairly boring.
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