Valencia gets rubber stamp


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So it has finally been approved.

Personally I hate street circuits as they make for very boring racing.
There are very few/no overtaking opportunities so in most cases it's a procession from start to finish.
The only time that usually changes is when it rains, as we saw at Monaco this year.

I know some consider street circuits and indeed Monaco to be the jewel in the crown as far as F1 is concerned but me personally, I would be happy to see it moved to a purpose built track any day.

It will be interesting to see how Singapore performs at its debut.

Link to the news item here:
Depends really what type of street circuit it is Brogan...

I mean if it is a circuit with decent run-off but prominent walls (Melbourne, Montreal) then that can lead to great, unpredictable racing...

However, I've long thought Monaco was an absolute joke and a ticking time-bomb at that; if Valencia and Singapore puts the fear into the drivers - gives them a complex about agressive driving & overtaking as Monaco doe, well... two more snooze-fests on the calendar...!
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