User names or smilies in chat?

Which do you prefer; user names or smilies?

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I've made some changes to chat.

I've removed the "Online List" and replaced it with Smilies

There are a couple of advantages to doing this.
1. The most popular smilies are now much more readily available.
2. Any hidden users will now remain hidden and will not appear in the list of users on the right hand side of chat.
It is currently not possible to stop hidden users being shown in chat in the online list so this is a useful workaround.
Of course if you post a chat message whilst hidden then it will still show, as will your username on the left hand side.

The online members can still be seen at the bottom of the page.

Can you let me know which you prefer: the list of user names or the smilies?
Bro - please go back to "real" people - smilies are just an excuse for emotion - if you can't express yourself in English than best to give up!
I prefer the names its a lot easier to see who's actually in chat and for me anyway i dont need the smilies to talk to someone, im quite happy using good old english if cant think of the code for a smilie
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