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There are lots of different Twitter feeds on the site now.

On the main forum page, which is a general news feed:

On the chat page, which is focussed towards real time race related Tweets:

Then there's the dedicated News page (with a tab in the navigation bar):
The dedicated page currently has 6 modules and related Tweets in each one.

If anyone has any suggestions for additional modules and/or Twitter accounts to add to any of them, please say.

Clicking on the "Join the conversation" link at the bottom right of the module will take you to the Twitter page.
Then click the "Following" tab to see which accounts that feed is currently following.
Looks like the Twitter feeds are about the most unreliable thing ever installed on the site.

I'll give them a few more weeks but if they keep failing as often as they have been, it will be time to remove them, from the main part of the forum at least.
Can we lose Jake Humphries? He's just an anchorman. Clogs up the F1 feed on the feeds page, as he used to on the BBC, with a load of rubbish about soccerball and what him and his wife are having for breakfast. He hasn't really got much to say about F1.
Can I just give a big welcome back to the CTA Twitter account! You've been quiet for too long.

@cliptheapex just in case you're not following!
I stopped Tweeting at the end of the 2013 season as it was a waste of time as far as getting new members for the site is concerned.
Why not tweet all 'featured' threads by default.
Or if you can't be bothered appoint a CTA twit to do it.

Its free advertising for minimal effort (zero effort if delegated).
I guess it depends on reach. I rarely use Twitter and have about 10 followers therefore my reach is almost 0 percent of Twitter users. I think the only way it would massively benefit is if it trended or went out to thousands.
I could do that.

You only need retweeted by a bigwig and you get a shitload of new followers. It wouldn't happen over night but these things build.
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Unfortunately there is no way of providing a third party access to the account without giving them the main log in details and surrendering control of the account.
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