Attention The forum will be moving to the domain root


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It is highly likely that the forum will be moving to the domain root in the near future,

Currently it is installed in /community, which makes the main forum URL
It will shortly be moving to the domain root which will make the main forum URL

The home page will become in the short term but that will change again at some point, becoming simply, which is the main reason for the move.

Similarly, all other URLs will be affected; for example: will become will become

And so on.

The change should be transparent as we will implement automatic redirects.
However, when it does happen, we will let you know so you can update your bookmarks.
I hope to get this done in the coming week.

I need to check exactly how much work is involved as a lot of the pages use hard coded URLs for images, etc.
The change will be happening later this evening.

You may see some broken images and hit a few broken URLs for a while but they will be rectified as soon as possible.

If it's still happening by tomorrow, please post here to let me know
I believe that everything has been updated.

There are redirects in place so even if I've missed something, you should still land on the intended page.

If anyone does notice any old links, missing images or other issues related to the move, please let me know.
For anyone else who is having issues (and yet still managed to find their way here!) I had to clear my browser cache for the new links to work. Before, trying to go to, clicking on the forums links at the top or clicking on the logo at the top was taking me to (probably remembered that URL incorrectly) and chucking back a page does not exist error.
Emails from the system directing you to watched posts still direct you to the old address (or did at 17:30 last night). This does not then re-direct you to the appropriate post with the new address.
I had so many things on my to do list as part of the move and re-factoring but I completely forgot about that :rolleyes:

If anyone spots anything else, please say as I don't have anything outstanding now.
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