Hi Fi wiring advice please


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I have a bit a brain teaser.

I currently have a home cinema set up that plays sound through a Yamaha AV DSP-AX750SE amplifier. Basically the Sky box, PS3, CD player etc all feed the amp which then feeds 5 speakers. It all works fine.

However I have decided to buy a rather nice recliner with built in speakers (and fridge and massage and heat). The chair has either blue tooth conectivity or a headphones type jack.

Any ideas on how to wire up the chair speakers to the amp so all speakers work at the same time ?

I have tried simply plugging a jack into the head phones socket on the amp but the speakers cut out when you do this. Shame because that is the obvious solution.
Some amps allow you to set them up so sound is heard from both but there aren't many which do that.

Mine does, although that's no consolation :D
Reading the manual ( I know its got that bad ) I have a set of 'Pre Outs' unused on the back of the amp which the manual says can then be taken to a separate amp which is efectivly what the chair is. So maybe a simple adaptor for combining a phono audio red white cable to headphone jack would work if plugged in to this 'pre out' conection on the back of the amp. :thinking:
I reckon you need one of these Greenlantern101


I stand corrected, although I have never seen an amp with male outputs or inputs before. Are you sure you are not going female to male to female to male to male to female? If that's the case, you could probably chop out whatever is in the middle and just go male to male. Anyway, hope you get it sorted.
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