Announcement The Formula One Overtaking Database has been launched


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We are pleased to announce the launch of the new F1 Overtaking Database.

What started out as a concept just a few short weeks ago has quickly come to fruition and we think it makes a fantastic and unique addition to the site.

It wouldn't have been possible without the help of the following people:
Mike - for the development and coding
Galahad - for the overtaking data
KekeTheKing - for the overtaking data
mjo - for the data
tooncheese - for the data
FB - for the data (when he finishes it ;))
canis, jez101 and Jos the Boss for the suggestions, feedback and (very limited) Alpha testing

So a huge thank you to all involved.

The old overtaking page and individual pages in the Race Hubs have been archived and hidden from view as the new database replaces all of those.

It's incredibly simple to use but essentially almost everything can be clicked, filtered and sorted.
If the text is green then it is a link; this includes some of the tables - the main table on the Circuits page for example.
Click on a table header to sort; use the search field to filter results.
The table rows can also be highlighted by clicking; click again to remove the highlight.

Please feel free to post any suggestions, ideas or bugs in this thread.

To access the database, click on the Overtaking tab in the navigation bar, or click the following link:
Lookin slick :) Anyone would think you had someone who knows xenforo like the back of his hand workin on it :p LOL
The overtaking database now displays pit stop information with regards to overtakes. You will now be able to see how many laps since/until a driver pits, and the relative difference in time since the drivers have pitted. For recent seasons, this means tyre age in the "pit diff" column. A negative value indicates that the overtaker's tyres are younger.
There has been another update.

The charts are now full width and slightly taller.

The individual circuit pages now contain a new data series showing the average overtakes per GP, for example

The main page ( is now accessible when logged out (i.e. as a guest) but to see any detailed data or to access any of the tabs still requires you to be logged in.
That means though that the page can be shared on the various social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google by clicking the links at the bottom.

We will continue adding data and improving it over the coming weeks and months.
Couldn't find the tread to put this, but I think there's a small typo:


I would assume you meant 2 hrs 5 mins - when you click the sort button it isn't in the right order with regards to race time.
Great work on this information, stats and charts, my hat is off and I bow to your collective work, well done, and thank you from us who are new here and still learning to "clip" around this great site. On a side wife thought I was barmy about F1?.. Keep up the good work and thanks again.
We're very pleased to announce a fairly major update.

Interactive lap charts are now displayed at the bottom of each Grand Prix page.
This is China 2012 for example:

An up triangle indicates the driver made an overtake, a down triangle indicates they were overtaken, a diamond denotes both.
Hover over any point on the chart to see the driver, lap, position, and overtake data.

Click a driver name at the left side of the chart to toggle their series on or off.

Currently only 2012 data has been entered but we plan to add more seasons over time.
That really is quite an incredible amount of data. All involved should be very proud :thumbsup:
This particular feature is all Mike.
He came up with the concept, coded it and wrote a script to parse the data.

All I did was add some colours for the drivers :D
I've had a play around with the lap chart, and I just want to say that it is absolutely exceptional (and I'm not just being nice). As a suggestion to improve it further, would it be possible to colour the background pale yellow for laps that were under safety car and pale red for when there was a red flag?
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