Top 10 Quizzes - Monaco 1984


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F1 rarely sees days like the 1984 Monaco Grand Prix. A half points race that eventually decides the Championship. An emerging talent to dominate the next decade. And a fair lump of total chaos thrown in. So here's its Top 10 Quiz.

Note that Stefan Bellof, who finished third but was disqualified months later for Tyrell's fuel hoax is included in this particular quiz. Just because we don't get many chances to ask questions about him!

1. It is often said that had the race finished with full points and Ayrton Senna passed Prost to get 6 points, the Frenchman would have been F1 World Champion in 1984. Had this occurred, Prost would have also been the first man to score what (round) number of points?

When I say round number I mean a multiple of 100

800. He finished 1.5 points short of this target, which has only since been passed by Michael Schumacher (although with 25pts for win coming in Alonso will do it this or next year)

2. Ayrton Senna scored all of Toleman's podiums, but who secured their only pole position?

Teo Fabi at the 1985 German GP

3*. How many races did Stefan Bellof enter before having a classified finish?

19! He had entry problems before the three GPs he entered for ATS and McLaren in 1983. All his races for Tyrell saw him dqed in 1984. He also missed an entry with McLaren before missing the first race of 1985 for Tyrell. His first classified finish was 6th at the 1985 Portuguese GP!

4. Rene Arnoux first points finish was a podium at the 1979 French Grand Prix. Name the other two French speaking drivers on the podium.

Jean-Pierre Jabouille and Gilles Villeneuve

5. Keke Rosberg won more than one Grand Prix in only one season. Which one?

1985 when he won in Detroit and Australia. His other wins were 'Switzerland' 1982 (in France), Monaco 1983 and Dallas 1984

6. Elio de Angelis died in testing for Brabham in 1986. In his four races for the team, how many did he finish?

1, 8th in Brazil

7. Michele Alboreto drove successfully for Ferrari and Tyrell. But name the three other constructors he drove for.

This is difficult to adjudicate.

Arrows/Footwork, Lola/Scuderia Italia and Minardi/Scuderia Italia

If you got "Arrows, Footwork, Scuderia Italia" you can have a point

You can't have Lola & Scuderia Italia but you can have Minardi & Scuderia Italia.

PM me if you need this cleared up!

8. At which circuit did Piercarlo Ghinzani's 2 World Championship points come from.

Dallas (in 1984 for Osella)

9. Jacques Laffite drove in 176 Grand Prix. How many of them did he lead?

14. ½ for between 10-18.

10. Riccardo Patrese won the 1992 Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka. Only 2 other men who are not now active or were ever World Champions have won the Japanese GP. ½ for each.

Berger (87, 91) and Nannini (89). My bets are on Barrichello (03) soon joining that list, and Vettel (09) - not sure!
3 & 5/6ths if I can claim 1/3rd for knowing one of Alboreto's teams, otherwise it's 3 1/2, which is a massive leap up from my last effort :D
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