Top 10 F1 races of the decade


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To back up Brogan's excellent Top 10 drivers post, I feel it appropriate to ask all and also sundry to announce their personal top 10 races of the decade.

Please remember this is all subjective so if someone posts a race at Valencia... they'll be removed from the site for trolling - its clearly not going to happen! OK!

My list is:

  1. 2005 Japanese Grand Prix
  2. 2003 Brazilian Grand Prix
  3. 2006 Hungarian Grand Prix
  4. 2001 Malaysian Grand Prix
  5. 2007 European Grand Prix
  6. 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix
  7. 2001 Brazilian Grand Prix
  8. 2007 Canadian Grand Prix
  9. 2009 Australian Grand Prix
  10. 2005 San Marino Grand Prix

Thanks, all! Have fun!
My number one would have to be Spa 2000 if only for the overtake of the decade that Hakkinen put on Schu and Zonta; classic.

After that, Suzuka 2005 was probably the only classic I can remember, as a decade it has actually IMO been quite poor for bona fide classics because of the difficulty with overtaking in the dry.

Given the nature of the F1 lately, perhaps controversy of the decade would be a good list, that one would be tough!
I've tried to compile a list but so far it's proving really hard. Races seem to blur into seasons in my memory so I can never remember one race from the next unless something really major happenend. Brazil 07 and Brazil 08 for example. I'm going to have to give this one some more thought and start cross referencing my memorys with wiki to make sure I'm thinking of the right race.
LOL Snap c_a_t

I also had Brazil 2007 and 2008 but I need to go and do some reading to see which the other exciting races were.
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