Thoughts on Singapore


Should be better than the Valencia fiasco hopefully. First thing I noticed about this track is the idiotic placing of the pit in and out lanes. In lane is right on the apex of the start finish corner and cars going in will be hard on the brakes whilst cars going through will be giving it full bananas - smart! Out lane is blind halfway into the turning point of turn 1!
Brilliant, there will be accidents if they leave it....
I don't see much overtaking taking place this weekend, put it that way. I hope it's nothing along the lines of tedium that was Valencia.
Brogan said:
Does anyone else reckon the circuit will be visible from space? :D

Yes i do on a clear cloudless.. errr night!!

Have to agree with Porce though this could turn into a processional tedium apart from the odd prang & mechanical failures (expecting a few of those too) it seems to be a hard circuit on cars.
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