Things ... Things we know now that we didn't know before - Bahrain GP 2015


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These are the known previously unknowns according to Rumsfeldian logic. Things that were proved to us in the Arabian nights.

I suspect this thread will be a little happier than its predecessor. And props, as ever, to cider_and_toast, whose idea I just shamelessly nicked.
We think we know that Merc may have a brake problem and the comment made by Rosberg complaining about Lewis going to slow and he couldn't follow him closely in China probably makes more sense, plus we probably know why Rosberg was anxious to get by Vettel at the earliest possible moment, probably.

But then again they may have just gone too aggressive with their brake ducts..
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We now know thanks to McLaren that it's possible for a driver to suffer three track-stoppages in the course of a week-end including the one that prevents him from actually taking to the start of the race for reasons that are "no dramatic issue".
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Cheers teabagyokel. I meant to post one and forgot. Got a bit going on at home at the moment.

Nice to see it has it's own pre title tag now.

Anyway, we know that Kimi has a bit more 'it' than we thought at the start of the season.
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