Things ... Things we know now that we didn't know before Canada / Austria 2015


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Right. for some reason I forgot to do an edition after the Canadian GP which was almost certainly down to forgetting due to the drama of it all so to that end we have a double header in the 'things...' series.

So what do we now know that we didn't know before?
well a tractor could beat Mclaren at the moment both maybe slow but at least the tractor is reliable


Ron Dennis has locked himself somewhere in Woking to avoid being interviewed
Honda are taking their current problems very seriously given that the head of Honda turned up in Austria.
I think we sort of new it already but it really has been confirmed that Toro Rosso are better than Red Bull.
FB Yes the Head of Honda did show up but one person who appears to be dodging interviews is Ron Dennis in all this Mclaren mess... just about everyone else has been interviewed about their current mess
When looking for sound bites or a short interview, steer clear of Ron - it's written in their contract!!
Even when times are bad for McLaren, they're humiliation is further served in knowing this youngster of the F1 world, doesn't know how to hump a Finn properly in a Ferrari.
Jenson Button is trying to sound positive for the people working in the factory so they don't give up but in reality thinks he'd be better off trying to drive the race in Vandoorne's Mclaren colours GP2 car.
Romain Grosjean does not care how many corners he's on the outside of before trying to overtake.

But on the flipside, he scarcely cares if there's a Manor in a straight line.
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