Things ... Things we know now that we didn't know before - Spanish GP 2015


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Here we go then. I have a feeling that this one may be a little tougher than the last couple. What is it we now know that we didn't know before?

Perhaps we know that a bit of tear off visor can block a brake duct and cause a McLaren to DNF. We also know that a Team Enstone car with 2/3 of a rear wing is still faster than a McLaren.

Other contenders for our ever growing pool of knowledge include what jack men do to recover from a knock in the spuds and how a driver can hold a conversation surrounding the definition of the word "impossible" while racing at 200mph.

So, has anything else enhanced your knowledge that you didn't know before the Spanish GP?
Lotus with a broken wing can be faster than a McLaren ... And could even go and collect good points if allowed to run like that
Your visor strip can get stuck in your brake duct.

Just watch out for wind direction, calculate, keep your fingers crossed and tear!
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