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With Button and Hamilton together at McLaren, time indeed for a slightly bizarre quiz about the times that 2 past World Champions have been manacled together at the same team.

  1. Which was the first season in which 2 past World Champions were team-mates?

    1953 - Farina (50) and Ascari (52). Of course, people we now know to have been World Champions were team-mates in all the previous seasons!
  2. Jim Clark's final win in 1968 came with Graham Hill as a team-mate. How far was the 1962 World Champion behind the 1963 & 65 World Champion?

    (a)5.3s (b)10.3s (c)15.3s (d)20.3s or (e)25.3s

  3. Which former World Champion was team-mate to Emerson Fittipaldi in 1974?

    Denny Hulme at McLaren
  4. When Keke Rosberg accompanied Alain Prost in 1986, Prost became double World Champion. Ahead of Rosberg in the Championship were three past/future World Champions, Senna, Mansell and Prost. Who else beat Rosberg?

    Stefan Johanssen
  5. At the 1989 Japanese Grand Prix, who was the only former World Champion not in a McLaren?

    Nelson Piquet
  6. What was Senna's lowest points finish in 1989?

    2nd at the Hungarian GP (won by Mansell). All his other points came from 6 wins! Prost won the title by dint of finishing races.
  7. Name a World Champion's son who was team-mate to a former World Champion, except Nelsinho Piquet!

    Damon Hill/Nigel Mansell 1994, Damon Hill/Alain Prost 1993, Michael Andretti/Ayrton Senna 1993. Please send me a PM if you can think of any others!
  8. Name a future World Champion paired with a past World Champion in the 2000s, not Hamilton/Alonso.

    Button/Villeneuve 2003. Again any others, PM me.
  9. Who scored more points, Hamilton in 2008 or Button in 2009?

    Hamilton 98-95 Button!
  10. What is the ratio of Hamilton's points in 2009:Hamilton's points in 2008

    Exactly half. Lewis scored 49 points this year and 98 points last.
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