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28 points in total up for grabs (sorry TBY, the fractional system would be just too complicated)

1. What was the name of the first William Grand Prix Engineering F1 driver?

Patrick Nève (in a March 716)

2. Williams GPE have used 7 engine suppliers over their years in F1, name them (1 point for each)

Cosworth, Honda, Judd, Renault, Mecachrome, BMW, Toyota

3. Who won Williams GPE first Grand Prix and where and when (point for each part)?

Clay Regazzoni, Silverstone, 1979

4. Who funded Frank Williams F1 team in 1976?

Walter Wolf

5. What year did Frank Williams suffer the spinal cord injury which put him in a wheelchair?


6. Williams have won 7 WDC, name the drivers and the year they won their titles (1/2 point for driver & 1/2 a point for the year).

Alan Jones 1980, Keke Rosberg 1982, Nelson Piquet 1987, Nigel Mansell 1992, Alain Prost 1993, Damon Hill 1996, Jacques Villeneuve 1997

7. Riccardo Patrese entered 257 Grands Prix, how many were in a Williams?


8. Nico Hulkenberg will grace one of the driving seats at Williams this season. He was GP2 Series Champion last year driving for ART Grand prix, how many points did he score (half a point if +-5)


9. Williams has developed cars for 4 racing series other than F1, name the two series in which they won races where more than one chassis is used – 1 point for each

Le Mans in 1999 and the BTCC between 1995 and 1999 – the other two are F2 (which is all Williams chassis) and the Metro 6R4 in the World Rally Championship

10. Williams have used 4 drivers in a season on 4 occasions – name the years (1 point for each year).

1982 (Rosberg, Reutemann, Daly & Andretti), 1988 (Mansell, Patrese, Brundle & Schlesser), 1994 (Senna, Hill, Coulthard & Mansell), 2004 (Schumacher, Montoya, Gene and Pizzonia)
A quite interesting 18 points for me.

Can't believe I couldn't remember BMW when I was staring at a wallet with BMW-Williams written on it.

Doh !!!
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