The Verstappen Rule

And this is my point. They haven't brought in a no weaving in the braking zone rule as Il_leone put it. All they are doing is using an existing set of words to enforce a subjective action by a driver. This, as it always does, will lead to inconsistent application, misinterpretation and general confusion. Usually if its two team mates it's 'nothing to see here' but if it's a Manor defending against a recovering Mercedes the Manor driver will be banned for 10 races and fined a billion dollars.
Complete tosh and impossible to objectively enforce. Ho hum.

I like the way WEC controls the rules on overtaking, if one car is slip streaming the other once the car in front has chosen it's line it can't deviate. Simple and possible to enforce. I also like the WEC rules on faster cars overtaking slower cars, the slower car MUST follow the racing line as it makes their trajectory predictable for the faster car and they know where they can overtake. Another simple rule which is easy to enforce.

Remind me who make the rules for WEC? Isn't it the FIA, the same people who are supposed to make the rules for Formula 1?
You know Jacques Villeneuve is right the authorities somehow are scared to penalise Verstappen for some reason whether its because they don't want to upset Red Bull or not

It took all the senior drivers to tell Charlie this is getting dangerous do something about it .. Mercedes should have gone through with their protest in Japan against Verstappen
The same as you I guess... the real victim could have been Ricciardo if they crashed but they didn't and because of the 10 sec penalty that Vettel got he is the victim because if the rule wouldn't exist I dont think that Vettel would have gotten this penalty.
I'm not sure...

Charlie does not dish out the penalties, and he was not even aware of the incident until Seb apologised to him after the podium, besides, I am sure that if censure were to be applied, it would need to be specific to the incident in question in order to set a precedent, and to leave people in no doubt that the situation was dealt with.
I'm not sure either, but I'm leaning towards the thought that they are linked. That thought may be because I think Vettel's move under braking was so marginal - and he did leave space for Ric to make the corner - that to impose a ruling on just that would be too harsh.

Furthermore, if I was Charlie I'd be well pissed off! And would make the cheeky little bugger pay!

Whatever the truth, Ricciardo's smile is as wide as a sombrero.
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