Max Verstappen - World Champion

Now that he won his first world champion, he can legitimately claim to be a world champion. He is still a thief though.
Pulling away today at a second a lap faster than Leclerc on tyres of the same age showed how absolutely on it he was.

You can only beat the cars fielded against you and while Ferrari have had an appalling season they have only got themselves to blame for not taking the fight to Red Bull. Head to head Ferrari appeared to have the slightly faster car but when it mattered Verstappen kept it all together and brought it home. He has dominated at fast circuits, slow circuits, wet or dry.

Despite another FIA induced rule farce over the awarding of points in Japan, anyone who thought Verstappen wasn't going to take the title with races to spare would have been smoking something illegal.

Congrats Max. :goodday:
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congratulations to Verstappen. for me its the best individual title won since Hamilton in 2018. he didnt have the quickest car in 1st half but he took advantage of ferrari incompetence & open goals they offered & then verstappen came back & was in different league after that the summer break. absolute dominance
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