The Top Ten Quiz 2008


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Since my last quiz was a Top 10 2009 Quiz, I don't see why I shouldn't extend the franchise backwards into years past. 2008 is the obvious first one to do, so whilst endeavouring not to repeat questions:

  1. Lewis Hamilton won the World Championship in only his second F1 season. He shares this stat with Juan Manuel Fangio (in the second F1 season) and who else?

    Jacques Villeneuve 1997. Farina in 1950 won in his first season, obvs!
  2. What was Felipe Massa's best result with Sauber?

    4th at Spa 2004 and Montreal 2005
  3. How many second places did Kimi Raikkonen secure in 2003?

    7, including Brazil where he'd celebrated victory
  4. Robert Kubica has only suffered 9 F1 retirements. In which country were three of them?

    After a gearbox and collisions with Nakajima and Vettel, RK is yet to finish an Australian GP!
  5. Fernando Alonso won the 2006 Bahrain GP. All but four of the laps were led by past, present and future World Champions (Schumacher, Alonso, Button). Who else led a lap?

    J.P. Montoya
  6. Of Heidfeld's 7 podiums since 2007, how many of the races were won by Lewis Hamilton?

    4, Canada & Hungary 07, Australia & Britain 08. Belgium 08 too, I've been contesting that result for a while, half point for 5!
  7. Heikki Kovalainen came second in the 2007 Japanese Grand Prix. Where did he qualify?

  8. Sebastian Vettel won the 2008 Italian Grand Prix. What was his second best result of the Year?

    4th, almost denying Hamilton in Brazil
  9. What is Jarno Trulli's highest finish in the WDC?

    6th in 2004
  10. Timo Glock has led 13 laps in F1, the first 10 in Bahrain in 2009, and which other race?

    Canada 2008! (everyone lead that one!)

Good luck, and expect a 2007 version, sometime! =]
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