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When there is a big break in F1, one can catch up on quizzes they forgot to do earlier in the season! :D So, without further ado, the quiz of South Africa...

  1. South Africa's first Grand Prix in the World Championship came in 1962. Which British driver was victorious?

    Graham Hill for BRM
  2. Which driver won consecutive South African Grand Prix 7 years apart?

    Nigel Mansell won the race in 1985 and 1992 for Williams, with no SAGPs in between
  3. Jody Scheckter is, unsurprisingly, the only South African to win his home Grand Prix. For which team was he driving?

    Tyrell in 1975
  4. The South African GP is the only Grand Prix ever to be held on New Years Day (twice). Who won both races?

    Jim Clark 1965 & 1968
  5. Jim Clark's final victory in the 1968 South African GP came 1 lap short of the "Grand Chelem" of Pole, Fastest Lap, Win and Led Every Lap. Who led the other lap?

    Fellow Scot Jackie Stewart led lap 1
  6. The final GP of South Africa was in 1993. Williams, McLaren and Ferrari were amongst the 6 different constructors in the points. For 1/3 of a point each, name the other three constructors

    Ligier, Minardi & Sauber: the drivers were 1 Prost (W), 2 Senna (McL), 3 Blundell (L), 4 C Fittipaldi (M), 5 Lehto (S) & 6 Berger (F)
  7. Only one other (than Schekter) South African scored more than one point in F1. Name him.

    Tony Maggs, mainly of Cooper
  8. No South African driver has competed in a Grand Prix since Schekter's retirement in 1980. Which circuit saw the last South African Grand Prix drive?

    Watkins Glen
  9. What is odd about Schekter's 5 fastest laps in F1?

    None of them came in his WDC year of 1979, they all came at Tyrell and Wolf
  10. The 1967 South African GP, on 2 January, went ahead without Ferrari & McLaren. After the retirements of most of the top drivers, local privateer John Love led the GP in his private Cooper. He was eventually passed by the works Cooper of Pedro Rodriguez and finished second. But what nationality was Love?


And finally,
Happy days !!! A score of 6 1/3.

Well happy with that. :thumbsup:

(Originally claimed as a personal best however I now realise that it wasn't better than my Scandinavian 6.6)
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