Announcement The site URL has changed

Really the www is a hangover from the early days of the internet.

It's actually a subdomain of the main domain which is

It's not required and as search engines now penalise sites for having duplicate content, e.g. and then now is a good time to ditch it.

Besides, it's cooler to say clip the apex dot com rather than double u double u double dot clip the apex dot com :D
Yes, it only works for the domain root.
Even the host can't get it to work for all other pages.

Still working on it.

I expect it's some weird server configuration.
TOTALLY lost again, Bro - as long as I can bring it up (as they say in common parlance) I will be happy.
Yes, just use the site as normal Jen, it will still work.

If you have any bookmarks though, just update them to change http://www to http:// - essentially remove the www.
The www issue should now be fully resolved.

Any URL prefixed with www should be redirected to the corresponding non-www URL.
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