The Sequence quiz


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Work out the intended thing from the sequence

Surnames only for drivers, do not put the country for the circuit and vice-versa:


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4 - Could be more but I may have some spelling issues.

You'll have to post the correct answers some time.


2 but I think one of those was because I read a spoiler plus I had absolutely no idea what question 10 was about so I just typed in "radio" :( and I reckon one of the answers was tyrrell but I reckon I spelled it wrong.


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Sorry, didn't think of that!

1. Coulthard
2. Ferrari
3. Brazil
4. Interlagos
5. Malaysia
6. Vettel
7. Lotus
8. 1998 ('99 works on the spreadsheet too. My mistake)
9. Ford Cosworth
10. Fastest Lap
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