Poll The Rosberg Penalty Hockenheim 2016

Did Nico Rosberg deserve the penalty for his overtake on Max Verstapen.

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I thought that it was deemed ok to edge a driver out across the white line at the exit of a corner... After all, we've seen precisely this sort of action at this corner repeatedly every year that there has been a race here.

Of course, we could always drag up incidents like this one:
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PS - there's a better grab of the overtake (which probably won't last on Youtube for long):

The way Verstappen jinked at Rosberg in the braking zone was dangerous though - at some point, someone is just going to let Verstappen have a massive accident...
Max forced Rosberg to the right who then had to take a different line. Max had options and chose the route with no room.

We see this all the time! That was not a penalty.
This is the second time he has apparently late braked under full control to the point he cannot turn in to make the corner yet continues to push a car off the track or cause a collision rather than yield, that's why he has a penalty, last time he damaged his car and lost out.
Yup, just like his previous incident he ran a driver out of road before the turn in. He obviously hasn't learnt that to get away with that you need to be doing it on the exit of the turn!
It was blatantly deliberate. Ignore the apex, run in a straight line to block max's turn in, apply full lock last second to run to the edge of the track forcing Max off. And he has form. It's dirty and forcing a car off track is dangerous. What if Max had lost control off track and had a big accident?

Rosberg had to get a penalty or he would do it again.
I should have voted for the bottom option really shouldn't I?

But, I voted yes, he deserved the penalty for the reasons listed above by Getting and GL, he didn't even attempt to turn until 20 yards after the apex.

Have we seen this go unpunished in the last few years? Absolutely. Was it a penalty (as the previous ones should have been)? Absolutely.

Rosberg forces Max off. The ironic thing for me is that Rosberg could have turned in much sooner, given enough room for Max to choose to leave the circuit or hold a wide line and Rosberg would have carried more speed through the corner and been further ahead.

In taking the line he did, Rosberg allowed Max to sweep around the outside of the track and carry more speed into the next corner.
IMO, after Max tried to block him in the braking zone, it was game on after that. Sure, Nico ran him wide but thats racing. If Max is going to throw the block like that, I see nothing wrong with Nico running him wide.
I can think of a half dozen times where Lewis has run people wide like that with no penalty but considering how inconsistent the stewarts have been this year, it should be no surprise to anyone.
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I also think Rosberg's failure to criticise Max's driving going into the corner indicates he knows he was wrong in the way he drove through it. If Rosberg felt in any way hard done by you would have expected him to be shouting it out to anyone who would listen.
Rosberg is clumsy with passing and defending and that's what gets him into trouble. Lewis is much slicker with is passes. This has got to wear on Rosberg's mental strength over the summer break. All that being said, I don't think he should have gotten the penalty
The thing is, Rosberg isn't running them out wide, he's preventing them from turning in, if they were wheel to wheel and he just ran it out wide to the apex, that would be fine, but the fact he makes no attempt to turn and parks it in the middle of the track is the problem, it's like a poor block pass really
Sometimes, whether or not you get a penalty in sport is down to how well you 'sell' the moment. A footballer kicking a man when they know the officials can't see, a rugby union player wriggling around to pretend they're moving off the ball they're trapping, that kind of thing.

That moment was just about the least subtle piece of law-breaking I have seen in any sport for a good number of years. He held the wheel straight! It was utterly obvious to anyone who watched it!

He was even in a position to complain of the jink in the braking zone, then pass him anyway. Just steer the bloody thing - he'd probably have got away with it.

Stupid boy.
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