The RedBull Air-Race, anyone into it??


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Not sure where to post this, buts its motorsport just without wheels lol

I was just wondering if anyone was a fan of it?, Ive been watching for about 2 and half seasons now and I love it.

For me It started with a facination for something that at first looked quite strange and was intrigued by it and wanted to know more about it, but now I learned about it I think its great.
I love how techincal it is and how precise you have to be when your racing, One small mistake going too high or too low and you get penalized for it ans also the pilots pull incredable G-Forces too the top guys who i saw on TV today were pulling 9G on some of the turns, Thats more then an f1 car which usally pull about 6G. and with such a small gap for errors there is always an element of unpredictability about it.

So just wondering anyone else into it?

We're lucky (?) enough to get free seats to the London a manner of speaking.
Our apartment is next to the Thames, opposite the O2 (formerly Dome) so we get to see it all, including 2 days of practice beforehand.

It can be quite interesting but there's no real sense of excitement as it's essentially a time trial and the runs are over quickly.

I do like watching it though but it will never be a substitue for 4 wheels and a screaming engine :D
I went 2 years ago (I think the 1st British one) at Longleat .. was great fun, a very enjoyable day out but there was a lot of hanging around with nothing much to do and the traffic in and out of Longleat was awful.

Got to see round the "paddock" and the pilots were there signing autographs.

I did enjoy myself but it didn't really make me want to do it again, sort of been there saw that.. end of story, if that helps.
Having a history of "doing" things in the air I love it although I can understand that being there on the day may well be boring.

Watching on the TV what they do with the aircraft and having some understanding of what is required to get an airframe to actually do that it just staggers me that they are able to achieve such a level of flying.

I was lucky enough a few years ago to have a couple of jollies in an aerobatic Pitts Special bi-plane and the pilot, an ex aerobatic world champion pulled a couple of +9/-8 moves for me whilst doing the aerobatics. It is very difficult to find words that get close to describing the experience......

Actually should have said, although I do not know the specs of the current planes the Pitts had a 0-60mph of 3.8 seconds and could take off in 200yds from standing start........My first trip the pilot took off as soon as possible, as in full accelleration, climbed to about thirty feet above the runway, turned the plane upside down, went vertical and exited the airfield by leaving over the point that we had started the take off......oh and due to the dynamics of the plane he was in the rear seat and I was in the front seat...... :) :) :) [Edit]

Take care

That sounds like fun

I was fortunate (?) enough to get a ride in the Crunchie bi-plane that you see at some events.
It can't compete with the current aircraft in terms of power and speed but we did the usual stuff like stall-turns, loops, inverted, etc.

The added bonus with that particular plane is it's an open cockpit and when you're travelling upside down with just a 50 year old tattered harness keeping you in place, it can be a bit unnerving... :o
Well the practice has just started.
Same format as last year - they spend a few days practising on the circuit and also do the heli-camera shots.

Looks like I've got 4 days free viewing :D
I like to watch the TV coverage. Some of those nutters were pulling over 11g's for a split second! Nutters! :o
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