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To celebrate the first British one-two since the Austrian Grand Prix of 1999, it is time for a quiz of those one-twos.

1. The last British one-two was Austria 1999. In which year was the last British one-two with drivers from the same team?

1995 - Hungary, Hill and Coulthard for Williams

2. Only three German drivers have been involved in German one-twos. One is Michael Schumacher. Name the other two.

Ralf Schumacher and Heinz-Harald Frentzen

3. The very first F1 race was a one-two for Italy. Which constructor built both cars?

Alfa Romeo

4. The United States has 14 one-twos. How many were Indy 500s?


5. Which driver was on the podium for all the French one-two-threes?

Rene Arnoux

6. When was France's first one-two (year)?

1979 - Laffite, Depallier, Brazil, Ligier!

7. 9 of the last 10 Brazilian one-twos involved both Ayrton Senna and Nelson Piquet. Who joined Piquet for the other one?

Roberto Moreno in Japan 1990

8. Who were the first two Brits to score a one-two?

Moss and Collins

9. Which nation's single one-two came in Canada?

New Zealand - 1968 Hulme and McLaren

10. Which race saw two national one-twos for different nations in consecutive years?

Japan 1989 (Nannini/Patrese), 1990 (Piquet/Moreno). Thanks Senna and Prost for making this stat possible!

And lets thank Lewis Hamilton for preventing Nelsinho Piquet getting involved in this quiz in 2008!
I'm quite chuffed with a 4.

Not happy with myself over question 5 though. Had two drivers in mind and went A or B, A or B hmmm I'll go A awwww bugger it was B. :nah:
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