The Mid-Season Driver Change Quiz


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In honour of Kimi leaving before the end of the season, here is a quick quiz charting some of the occasions in the last 20 years where drivers have jumped ship before its all over.

2006 - Jacques Villeneuve was replaced by Robert Kubica - who became the new reserve driver?
Our favourite world champion, young Vettel

2005 - 10 Teams started this season, how many of them did not change their driver line up?

2004 - Toyota used a number of drivers this season, how many started a race?

2003 - Jacques Villeneuve was replaced again this time by which driver?
Takuma Sato.

2001 Part 1 - This season had many changes, multiple questions here. Firstly, Which two teams did Jean Alesi drive for this season?
He switched to Jordan after starting at Prost. No half points!

2001 Part 2 - How many different race drivers did Prost use for this season?
5 different drivers started a race.

2001 Part 3 - For a point, Heinz Harald Frentzen was replaced by which driver after a crash? For an additional point, how many races did the replacement drive for?
Ricardo Zonta filled in for 1 race after his crash and then replaced Frentzen again for 1 additional race after a team disagreement.

1999 - A driver who didn't start the season managed to appear for two different teams during the season. Name him for a point and half a point each for the teams he raced for.
Mika Salo. Ferrari for 5 races, BAR for 3 races.

1998 - Only one change happened this season. Which were the drivers which changed seats?
Jos Verstappen for Jan Magnussen. No half points!

1994 - 46 drivers took part in races or practise sessions in this most tragic of seasons. How many of them competed at all the races including pre-qualifying sessions?
16 - Herbert actually drove for 3 different teams this year so missed it from the original count.
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8. I wouldn't have got the Q10 right anyway, but...

There were 15 drivers who participated all race weekends with their teams:
Hill, Katayama. Blundell, Brundle, Fittipaldi
Morbidelli, Barrichello, Martini, Alboreto, Panis
Berger, Frentzen, Brabham, Belmondo, Gachot

Additionally, Johnny Herbert participated all 16 weekends: 13 with Lotus, one with Ligier and two with Benetton.
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