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To welcome back a driver with lots of questions attached, a break from tradition with the Michael Schumacher Quiz. Don't worry the questions will involve more than Schumi, its far more interesting than it sounds.

All statistics as of 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix.

  1. Michael Schumacher was World Champion 5 years in a row in 2000-2004. He scored 616 points in that time. Who scored the second highest amount of points?

    Rubens Barrichello (374)
  2. Schumacher has had 10 team-mates in Formula One to date, but like his brother only one of them also won a World Championship. Who?

    *Schumi is yet to partner Kimi Raikkonen!

    Nelson Piquet Sr., who partnered Schumi in the last 5 races of 1991.
  3. Schumacher only failed to start one Grand Prix in his career. Which season and which race?

    1996, at Magny-Cours from pole. His engine blew. He did start the 1999 British GP!
  4. Schumacher is one of only 8 drivers to be on pole for half of the Grand Prix in his career, excluding 1950s Indy 500 drivers. 5 of them came before 1960; Fagioli, Fangio, Farina, Gonzales and Ascari. Name the other 2.

    The other two are Alain Prost and Lewis Hamilton (who's numbers are rapidly decreasing)!
  5. Taking the times to the nearest tenth of a second, how far clear was Schumacher on pole in his last F1 comeback in Malaysia in 1999?

    9 tenths from Irvine
  6. How many laps did Schumi lead in F1?

    a)2000-3000, b)3001-4000 c)4001-5000 d)5001-6000 e)6001-7000

    d)5018 - Senna is second on 2931
  7. How many different constructors scored points whilst Michael Schumacher was at Ferrari (1996-2006)?

    21: Ferrari, McLaren, Williams, Renault, BAR, Jordan, Benetton, Sauber, Toyota, Honda, Red Bull, Jaguar, Stewart, BMW, Prost, Arrows, Ligier, Minardi, Tyrell, Footwork and Toro Rosso!
  8. Schumacher is one of only two (living) drivers at the age of 40. Who is the other one?

    Mika Pauli Häkkinen (for every Ali, there must be a Frazier!)
  9. Schumacher has 91 wins in F1. How many does Germany, the nation, have?

    106. The other 15 come from Taffy Von Trips (1961 Britain, Netherlands), Jochen Mass (1975 Spain), Heinz-Harald Frentzen (1997 San Marino, 1999 France, Italy), Ralf Schumacher (2001 San Marino, Canada, Germany, 2002 Malaysia, 2003 Europe, France) and Sebastien Vettel (2008 Italy, 2009 China, Britain)
  10. And which driver has scored the most points since he's been gone?

    L.C. Hamilton
Standard procedure is if you've guessed 1 of the answers to #4 and got the other one wrong, then that is worth a half point. There were thirds and fifths of points creeping in to the Scandanavian Quiz and McZiderRed (legitimately) invented an exuse for half points in the US Quiz.

So they're nothing new in the CTA Quiz subforum!
Boyle99 said:
Yay, I got more than GM at 5 1/2, if we can get 1/2 points of course ;)
I was going to say normally ½ points aren't allowed but as this is the Michael Schumacher quiz we can make a special request to the other quizzes and see if they agree... :D
I also scored 4 points.

Most of the others I guessed at and couldn't be any further away from the answers if I'd tried.

Good Quiz TBY LOL
Hmmmmm I got #3 spectacularly wrong as I was counting the 6 he missed after Silverstone 1999

Other than that I got :censored: right.

Here are 10 facts about Luca :D

• Luca Badoer's return to F1 means there will now be two drivers in the field who competed in the 1993 season. Both he and Rubens Barrichello made their debuts that year.

• Badoer's promotion to F1 in 1993 came after a title-winning F3000 campaign the year before, where he took the crown with four wins.

• Badoer's F1 return means he will be the oldest driver in the field - taking over that honour from Barrichello. The Italian is currently 38 years old.

• His promotion to Ferrari race seat means Badoer will still only have driven for Italian teams in F1. He has previously raced for Scuderia Italia, Minardi and Forti Corse.

• Badoer is Ferrari's longest serving test driver, having originally begun work for them back in 1998.

• Despite having competed in 48 grands prix, Badoer never scored a point. His best finish was 7th in the 1993 San Marino Grand Prix.

• Badoer's failure to score a point gives him the distinction of being the driver with the most race starts who has not achieved that feat.

• His best grid position is 12th, which he delivered for Minardi at the 1995 Hungarian Grand Prix. In the race he finished 8th.

• Luca Badoer famously broke down in tears at the 1999 European Grand Prix after his car stopped with gearbox failure as he seemed en route to fourth place.

• Badoer's near 10-year gap between his last race at the 1999 Japanese Grand Prix and his return in Valencia is not quite as big as the 10 years and three months between Jan Lammers' races in the 1982 Dutch and 1992 Japanese Grand Prix.
Thanks to Autosport
Get that off the site... :snigger:

No, there were no plans for a Luca Badoer Quiz...! I'm just slightly disappointed that this quiz was wasted, but we could always have driver quizzes in future, we're running a bit thin on the ground on ex-GPs!
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