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The current lead article is about the Mexican Grand Prix, which made me check if there was a Mexican quiz. There wasn't. So there will be now!

1. The first Mexican Grand Prix was a non-Championship event in 1962, which claimed the life of local hero Ricardo Rodriguez. How many Championship events had he started?

Only 5

2. The 1963 Mexican Grand Prix was Jim Clark's 4th Grand Chelem (Win, Pole, Fastest Lap & Lead every Lap) in F1. He would achieve this 8 times in his F1 career. No-one else has above 5. Name the two drivers with 5 Chelems (1/2 point each)

Alberto Ascari
Michael Schumacher

3. No Mexican won his home Grand Prix, but which two Americans won south of the border?

Dan Gurney & Richie Ginther in 1964 & 1965 (1/2 point each)

4. The last Mexican Grand Prix of its first run on the calendar was held in 1970. Which team got a one-two on its last running?


5. When the Mexican Grand Prix returned in 1986, who won his first race as his constructor won its first race?

Gerhard Berger for Benetton

6. Which driver scored most points across either run of the Mexican GP?

Nigel Mansell

7. The final Mexican Grand Prix was held in 1992, and unsurprisingly won by Nigel Mansell. Who was the only previous World Champion racing?

Ayrton Senna

8. Its early season slot in 1992 was taken by which Grand Prix for 1993?

The European Grand Prix at Donington Park [A British race in April - wet?]

9. Pedro Rodriguez scored Mexico's two wins in F1. His first was for Cooper in the 1967 South African GP where plenty pulled out and he led home local John Love. In which year was the second?

1970 - in Belgium for BRM

10. The two Rodriguez and Moises Solana aside, name Mexico's other F1 driver.

Nelson Piquet's clear #2 Hector Rebaque
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