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As promised some time ago and also to give TBY some time off and a chance to try a few himself, here is the quiz on all things Loti.

Good luck one and all.

1) Before embarking on his own F1 adventure, Colin Chapman and Frank Costin were hired to design the chassis' for which F1 Team?


2) Which Lotus driver was sacked immediately after giving the team their first works victory?

Innes Ireland

3) Which famous drinks brand sponsored Lotus for just one season in 1979


4) Besides the person in question 2, name the 4 other works drivers who took a win for Lotus but not a world championship? (point for each)

Ronnie Peterson, Gunner Nilson, Elio De Angelis and Ayrton Senna

5) where on the grid did Johnny Herbert qualify the Lotus 109 in the 1994 Italian GP?


6) The new Lotus team start the season with an Italian and Finn behind the wheel. Strangely in the last race contested by Team Lotus there was an Italian and a Finn behind the wheel. Name them? (point for each)

Alesandro Zanardi and Mika Salo

7) What was the design slight of hand that Chapman tried to use on the banned Lotus Type 88, to circumvent the rules on fixed skirts?

He claimed the car was designed to have two chassis since the word "chassis" can be singular or plural.

8) Who did Lotus sign to replace Jim Clark

Jackie Oliver

9) In what year and at what race did Lotus take the first win for a car with active suspension? (point for each)

1987 Monaco Grand Prix

10) John Colum Crichton-Stuart, 7th Marquess of Bute drove a single season for Lotus but what name did he use?

Johnny Dumfries

So how did you get on?
Sadly my brain isn't always up to the fractional system. I've been quite lucky in past quiz's that I haven't needed to use it so I thought I'd give a few more points out (2010 F1 season style)

We can return to more classic scoring when normal service is resumed.

I got off to a flier, bagging a point for Q1, but then walked blindly into mediocrity...

I scored four using the C_a_T point system, or 2 & 3/4ths using the fractional system. (Not bad for soneone who's in shock... :blink: )
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