The future of "Renault"

What do you think of Dany Bahar's plan

  • Proton pull the plug and he's got more egg on his face

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  • Renault will be bought and renamed for 2013 but not as Lotus

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  • Renault will be bought and renamed for 2013 as Lotus

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  • Renault will be bought by someone else and renamed for 2013

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Now I refuse to name them "Lotus" because thats only the sponsor name and not the chassis entry

It seems like Dany Bahar still thinks his plan will work despite feeling twitchy whenever someone mentions " Tony Fernandes" to him. Interestingly is the suggested figure of backing he has for his investment to buy "Renault" and rename it "Lotus" given the stories that "Renault" are struggling to pay Renault sport for the engines and falling behind the front 4 after a bright start at the beginning of the season
I was going to make a similar article, Renault might leave the sport due to the engine rules for 2013 not going their way. So if they do leave Group Lotus probably will buy them, I am sure that's what they are thinking about.

But then we might have two Lotus teams on the grid? :shocked:

Wonder if that will be goof for Formula 1 :thinking:
Renault have threatened to pull out several times in recent years, most notably after Singapore 2008 when they all but made it clear that if the team was sanctioned at all they would leave F1.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out I say.

Any team which thinks it's bigger than F1 is no good for the sport.
Renault tends to come back if someone can make them do so like possibly Mclaren who will end their association with Mercedes by 2015
Can't Renault just supply a team or teams engines instead of owning a team? I believe it's much better and cheaper doing it that way than running a team. I can't for the life of me think why they'd pull-out all toghether as they're supplying engines to one of the best teams in F1 at the moment and look like been champions again. Surely they'd like to continue been part of a winning team?
Perhaps it's a case of Gallic umbrage, that they'd rather not be seen as merely a "supplier" or a "partner" to a winning team, but rather as the reason for that team's success outright (which they patently aren't, in the case of Red Bull - especially given all the snide remarks Horner has made about their powerplants in the last couple of seasons too). Team Lotus has yet to trouble the scorers using their engines, and Group Lotus Renault are about to have their trick exhaust clipped, which could seriously hamper their progress back to the front of the grid.

No - I think if the WMSC votes to hold off on the new engine spec, then we'll see Renault heave a huge shrug and bid "adieu" to F1 again. Briatore will probably then supply re-badged Renault powerplants with a hideous name to several teams, before persuading Renault to buy a once-championship-winning team to recapture former glories...

...hang on - haven't we been here before? :thinking:
ROB - thanks for answering my questions. I can see the reason why Renault would want to pull out now. Totally forgot about Horner bitching about the Renault engines.
Williams I think are the only team who be very interested in getting Renault engines as Renault did say they want to supply 4 teams in F1
Maybe Renault will be better suited to working with a Torro Rosso or midfield car to make them more competitive and since they have a big influence in Red Bull associated teams, it makes enough sense to perhaps merge up with a budding to be good formula one team.

*edit* if there is anything good about the Renault and consistent it is the drop dead stunning liveries and colour scheme, best looking car on the grid.
Isn't that similar to what Cosworth are doing, starting with the smaller teams to build up.

I would suppose so, also by renault merging with as example HRT, they take formula one construction experience to HRT along with probably a better power supply than the Cosworth.
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