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We're often critical of the FIA on here (with good reason) but here's a place to post links to useful or interesting articles from their website.

I'll start us off with these two.

In Formula One, the focus of the technological arms race is always the cars. But behind the scenes, the sport continues to push technological boundaries across a range of fields. In the Race Control tower, the FIA uses an arsenal of technology to help Stewards detect and review incidents on track, in real time.

In 2010, the FIA further improved the standard of Formula One stewarding with the introduction of driver Stewards, a radical move designed to add the weight of racing experience to the panels’ decisions. The move has widely been viewed as a resounding success.
Is there any hope of the FIA using even a small slice of their mission control technology to clamp down on obvious technical regulation transgressions such as rubbery noses and flappy wings? It's all very well using that kit to scrutinise every nuance of a racing incident in order to blame drivers or pit personnel but we've just had two seasons where mere punters could see (alleged) cheating with their own eyes just looking at the telly. No cost cutting going on in the control tower, I presume ...

Still, now we know that rest assured the Stewards have every possible tool made available to them and we can obviously trust them to use it wisely:rolleyes:
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