FIA to introduce checks from the French GP for flexible floors


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This story flew under the radar a bit.

During the porpoising talks, the FIA suggested that some teams have managed to cheat around the rules concerning flexible floors, by ensuring the area where the flex is checked is stiff enough, but elsewhere it isn't.

The checks will expand the area which is checked to ensure all of the floor meets the required stiffness.

A couple of teams may find their advantage cut.

Well we all know who the Kings of the ingenious flex are so that should give the teams attempting to catch up some hope.

Mercedes could clearly run their car much, much lower at Silverstone with apparently no porpoising.
thats interesting to see who have been doing this. i would say considering red bull have been discussing flexi wings for the last decade id say them, but Mercedes yesterday was circuit specific. according to what i heard they told drivers they cant get rid of porpoising, so have to make hay on the smoother circuits & just lumped on more downforce
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