The Comeback Kids


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Picking up from my BTCC history thread I thought I would stick up a post asking for peoples thoughts on the best and worst of the comeback kids. Obviously Sir Stirling has been discussed and here are a few others. (obviously this isn't limited to F1 so you can be creative).

Some of the best and worst comebacks in my opinion.


1) Niki Lauda - Mclaren - Returned to save his airline from going bankrupt and won a world championship for his efforts (1984).
2) Alex Zanardi - WTCC - After that terrrible crash in CART he returned in the WTCC series and has won several races.
3) Mario Andretti - Ferrari - Career had been in decline ever since his world title in 78. Returned to take a very emotional poll in the wake of Gilles Villeneuves death.

Worst: >:(

1) Alan Jones - Lola Beatrice - Retired way to early, Came back and found himself in a car held together with chewing gum and string. looked very silly for a couple of seasons and finally retired this time without his dignity.
2) Nigel Mansell - Mclaren - Not one of Ron's best ideas. Too chunkey to fit the car lasted two races before being replace by Mark Blundell.

Over to you guys !!

Graham hill tried, after his life threatening accident. He failed to qualify in monaco , which in those days you couldn't take part in the race . At the time he owned and managed the team, that along with driving it as well things went from bad to worse. After i think he retired. He was a fantastic driver, the documentary on tv recently about his life was awsome. .
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