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Quizzes tangentially related to another sport? Wouldn't be the first time...

1. The Ashes have been safe in England since 24 August 2009. Which driver has scored the most fastest laps in that time?

Sebastian Vettel 17, from Mark Webber 15

2. The Ashes has not been drawn since 1972. Who won the British Grand Prix that summer?

Emerson Fittipaldi

3. Australia held the Ashes from 1 August 1989 up to 12 September 2005. There were no Australian winners in F1 in that time, however. Name the 3 English winners in that time...

D. Hill, Mansell, (1/4 of a point each) Herbert (1/2 a point)

4. The last Anglo-Australian driver partnership in F1 was Webber-Wilson at Jaguar in 2003. In Wilson's 5 races he scored one point, how many did Webber score?


5. Rugby League's Ashes has been in Australia since 1973 and has not been played since 2003! In the years 1973-2003, which constructor took the most F1 wins?


6. How many of the 35 Australian F1 wins came in Great Britain?

6 - Brabham (1959, 60, 66), Jones (80), Webber (2010, 12)

7. England won at both Adelaide and Melbourne in the 2010-11 Ashes series. How many drivers won at both Adelaide and Melbourne circuits?

1 - Damon Hill

8. England won the opening Test of an Ashes series this year for the first time since 1997. The opening race of 1997 was won from 4th on the grid by McLaren's David Coulthard. When was the next time a McLaren won the Australian GP from P4?

2010 - Jenson Button

9. Daniel Ricciardo has picked up 21 points from his first 40 Grand Prix. How many points did Tom Pryce pick up in 42?


10. In 1959 there was an Australian first and an Englishman second in the Championship. Brabham was the Aussie, who was the Englishman?

Tony Brooks out (of Questions)....................................................10 (10)
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