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The material for a Singapore Quiz is not really available, so this Quiz is about Grand Prix that have been held but don't merit their own quizzes, about circuits we've rarely seen and whatever else springs to mind as an anomaly!

  1. Who deliberately crashed in the only Singa...

Like I'd do anything that easy, eh?

  1. Who was the only classified runner to not finish on the same lap as winner Fernico Alosberg(?) in last years inaugral Singapore GP?

    Kimi Raikkonen who was classified despite his meeting with the wall at turn 10
  2. The only Pescara GP was held in 1957 on a huge track in Italy! Was it longer or shorter than the Nordschliefe at the Nurburgring?

    Longer, it was 16 miles!
  3. At Pescara, there was only one "private" Ferrari since Enzo Ferrari had lost Alfonso de Portago at the Mille Miglia and was opposed to Italian road tracks. It was driven by Luigi Musso. What was remarkable about his qualifying time?

    He completed the course in 10minutes flat, to the nearest 10th of a second, in qualifying 3rd behind Stirling Moss's Vanwall and Juan Manuel Fangio's Maserati.
  4. Other than Singapore and Pescara, only one other Grand Prix has been held once only. Which one?

    It was the 1958 season finalé at Ain-Daib, Morocco.
  5. In the [Q4] Grand Prix, Mike Hawthorn was crowned World Champion. What position did he finish to do so?

    2nd, to challenger Stirling Moss
  6. The 1959 German Grand Prix was the only one to be held at the oversimplistic AVUS circuit and was held in 2 30-lap heats. What did the three drivers on the podium have in common?

    Tony Brooks, Dan Gurney and Phil Hill were all Ferrari drivers for the race
  7. Dijon-Prenois bizzarely held the Swiss GP in 1982. Who won it?

    The Swiss GP was the one race that Keke Rosberg won on his way to the 1982 crown
  8. The other 5 Swiss GPs were held at Bremgarten. Who is the only driver to win 2 Swiss GPs?

    Juan Manuel Fangio (he won in 1951 & 1954, he wasn't available to dispute 1982!!!)
  9. To end the Swiss section, despite the fact that for 50 years there was no motor racing in Switzerland, they've produced 30 F1 drivers. Which one finished best in the World Championship?

    Gianclaudio Guiseppe Regazzoni, runner-up to Emmo Fittipaldi in 1974
  10. The Pacific Grand Prix was only raced twice and was twice won by Michael Schumacher. How many laps in total did the team Pacific Grand Prix do at the Pacific Grand Prix?

    16, 14 from Montermini and 2 for Gachot in 1995. They still lived in the land of DNQ in 1994!

That seems fair enough, and lets hope the quiz doesn't get anomalously easy for you!
A rather suprising four points for me but have to kick my self squarely in the ahem's for not getting the Swiss GP question right.

An astonishing 4 for me as well but with Q2 being a 50:50 guess, which I got right, I suppose I should only claim 3.

Brilliant as ever TBY :thumbsup:
A return to form for me, with an non-anomalous score of 1. :)

A fiendishly difficult quiz, especially the questions about Swiss drivers; thirty, of which I couldn't name one!
FB said:
An astonishing 4 for me as well but with Q2 being a 50:50 guess, which I got right, I suppose I should only claim 3.

This is starting to irk me, FB, one week you're claiming ghost points, the next you're refusing them. Don't be too honest. If it's right you claim the 4. I'm willing to guess that any good score will have a guess or two somewhere.
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