Football The 2012/13 Season

I thought the story was they would start in the First Division in Scotland as "punishment" with Wee Ally staying on as manager. As TBY points out, many of the players are refusing new contracts with Rangers Newco so maybe getting back into the Premier League from the First division isn't such a given.

The best thing I can see coming out of this is that they will (probably) have to look for local players rather than the hired guns both they and Celtic have employed over the last many years so it may well lead to the birth of some new talent in Scottish Football.
I personally believe that Rangers should start again in Division three. Why on earth should the Rangers name only be demoted one division? They're being liquidated, in other circumstances that club would have to start again at the bottom. I don't want them recieving special favours because then if it happens to a club such as Motherwell or Dundee United and the powers that be don't bend over backwards to help them they'll say "Well why the hell did you help them when they were in trouble?!"

The same old cliches have been spouted about "You've got to feel for the fans in all this". What? The bunch of moronic, sectarian-singing, filth-spouting ****wits who have dragged the game through the mud the last few years. Yeah, my heart bleeds for them.
Actually, Bus Stop Chicane, I've been thinking that. Feel sorry for Rangers fans? Look, you lot and your Celtic counterparts, Martin McGuinness shook hands with the Queen yesterday. Don't you think its time you let it go?
I have to say, living on Scotland and being a fan of neither, I've found Celtic to be the more comfortable team to follow, their fans are great (you'll get one or two idiots like any other club). When they do well in Europe as a Scot you're generally happy, same cant be said for Rangers at all, I find Rangers fan most of the time quite disgusting.
It isn't fair. But take Motherwell as an example. Their top four home attendances last season were:

10,440 v Celtic, Nov 6
10,092 v Rangers, Aug 21
9,063 v Rangers, Mar 31
8,760 v Celtic, Apr 22

The average attendance for their other games was under 5,000. Maybe for them the Champions League qualifier will provide some kind of financial recompense (doubtful) but the situation is very similar for the other SPL clubs too. Ultimately I fear they're cutting off their noses to spite their faces.
Even though I don't follow Scottish football, I generally prefer anyone who isn't Celtic or Rangers.
Bus Stop Chicane - When I said 'your', it was as part of my 'conversation' with Rangers fans. I certainly got that you weren't a Celtic fan when you criticised sectarianism!

The thing that frightens me is the talk of Rangers & Celtic playing in the English League. I think our league is cheapened by the bollocks that goes on between Man U fans and Liverpool fans (culminating, of course, in the execrable shows of support for Luis Suarez from the latter club) never mind bringing in the two clubs who seem to want to keep the Troubles going long after even Ian Paisley and Gerry Adams have relented.
Ah thats ok TBY, it was just the way you wrote your comment thats all. :thumbsup:

On another note, please don't mistake me as someone who wanted Rangers to go to the wall. I was hoping they would survive in their current form but, as that hasn't happened, they need to be treated in the normal manner. Thats by starting again in Division three.
I think it might have been that Aslockton Cranmers wanted Andy Carrol to drive their bus to Milan but it got confused in the translation.
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